What is the full form of RAC ?

RAC Full Form: Reservation Against Cancellation

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RAC Means- Reservation Against Cancellation

Full-Form Of RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation

Full-Form of RAC in Railway- Reservation Against Cancellation

RAC means Reservation Against Cancellation In Indian Railway. This means that your ticket will be confirmed when a passenger with a confirmed ticket cancels his ticket.

Under RAC, two passages are allotted one birth. The side lower seat is given to two passengers to sit and travel.

You can board a train with an RAC ticket. But there is only one problem, that you have to share your birth with another passenger.

RAC- reservation Against Cancellation
RAC- Reservation Against Cancellation

After the train departure, TTE can give a confirmed berth to you or the passenger traveling on the berth with you, if any berth will remain empty.

If you take a reserved ticket in Indian Railways, you can get the following 3 types of tickets-

  • Confirm Ticket
  • RAC ticket
  • Waiting List Ticket

With confirmed and RAC tickets, you are allowed to travel on the train.


Some Important questions Related to RAC-

Whether RAC ticket is a Confirm Ticket?

yes, RAC ticket is a confirm Ticket, But in Partial Manner. the Berth number and Bogie number is Given so legally you can board the train and travel.

When is the RAC ticket issued?

In any train that has RAC quota, the RAC Tickets are given only after the general quota seats are over, and before the waiting list ticket starts.

Which trains have a RAC quota?

Almost all mail and express trains have RAC quota. Barring Jan Shatabdi Express, Shatabdi Express, and Double Decker trains, almost all the trains have RAC quota.


What are the Benefits of RAC Ticket?

The biggest benefit of a RAC ticket is that with this ticket you get the right to board the train.

Because as you know you cannot travel on a train with waiting list tickets

And if you are traveling on a train with a RAC ticket, there is a good chance that you will also get a confirmed berth soon, which depends on TTE finding an empty seat anywhere.

If your travel plan is not a hundred percent confirmed, in this condition, if you have a RAC ticket, then you are more beneficial.
Because if you want to travel then you can also travel and if you have to cancel the ticket, then the ticket cancellation charge is very less in case of RAC.


You can cancel your RAC ticket even after chart preparation and the cancellation charge is only ₹ 60.


What are the Drawbacks of RAC Ticket?

The Drawbacks of RAC train ticket are following-

  • Not sure about getting the full Berth
  • Have to Pay full fare
  • cancellation rules are time-bound.

Cancellation Rule of RAC Ticket

You can cancel your RAC ticket even after the preparation of the final chart.
If even after the final chart is made, the status of your ticket remains from Arya, and you decide not to travel.
So you can cancel your ticket. You can cancel your RAC ticket till half an hour before the scheduled departure of the train.

Cancellation Charges Of RAC Ticket

RAC ticket cancellation chart is ₹ 60 and passenger
You have to pay ₹ 60 for each passenger in Sleeper or in AC both if you want to cancel your RAC ticket.

Up to what time the Status of RAC ticket can change?

Chart preparation of any train in Indian Railways takes place 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

So if the status of your ticket is RAC, it can be changed till the final chart preparation which is 4 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

If you decide to travel with a RAC ticket, then during the journey, a TTE can confirm your ticket if he gets an empty seat.



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