What is the full form of OYO ?


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The full form of OYO is On your own rooms which is one of the biggest start-up company in India. On Your Own rooms or OYO is a hospitality-based start-up in India and it is also the biggest hotel network spread to over 300 cities of India.

The headquarter of On your own rooms or OYO is in Gurugram, Haryana. Mr Ritesh Agarwal is the founder and Chief executive officer of OYO who started OYO with only one hotel in Gururgram.

The hotels giving services under On your own rooms are not all operated or owned by OYO itself. Rather OYO partners with these hotels and makes sure that the hotels are offering quality services to the guests. These guests or customers book their room with the OYO platform or application.

oyo full form
Oyo full form

On your own rooms or OYO has the objective to become the world’s largest and most loved hotel brand. OYO offers an affordable standardized and comfortable stay in their big chain of hotels.

OYO features

These are the qualities of On your own rooms –

  • OYO is a technology-based venture as it uses inventive technology products to deliver the best services as well as more efficient management and operations.
  • OYO applications are simple and quick to use as its app allows users to book a room in just 15 seconds.
  • OYO is known for affordable rooms as it provides rooms at the lowest prices possible with quality service compare to other budget hotels.
  • OYO is recognized to offer standardized experience as it gives and manages the same level of services, facilities and environment to give significant experience in all of its rooms.
OYO Benefits
OYO Benefits


Is OYO safe for unmarried couples?

Yes, OYO is safe for unmarried couples as it doesn’t have any law that forbids unmarried couples to stay together in it.

And more than that, in a decision of the Supreme Court of India, girls above 18 years and boys above 21 years of age are allowed to stay together in any hotel.

What is meant by OYO hotels?

OYO is the worlds’ biggest and fastest-growing hospitality chain. OYO provides a comfortable stay experience with all the facilities within budget. These OYO hotels are either own by OYO itself or are partner hotels that give the same services.

Why is it called OYO?

Ritesh Agarwal is the founder of OYO who launched this start-up in 2012 with the aim to enable and book budget housing under the name Oravel Stays. Ritesh Agarwal later renamed Oravel Stays as OYO or On your Own in 2013.

 Is OYO illegal?

No OYO is not illegal it is a recognized and respected start-up of India in the hospitality field. No law or Supreme Court in India prevents anyone to book a hotel room with anyone to stay. So it is completely legal to book a room with OYO.

Who owns OYO hotels?

Mr Ritesh Agarwal is the founder and CEO of OYO hotels he founded OYO to offer affordable and quality hotels in the budget hotel category in India.

Is OYO safe?

Yes OYO hotels are completely safe. Under Indian law, you can stay in an Oyo hotel with any adult partner, yes there you must take care of any kind of camera or any other privacy risk

Can we drink alcohol in OYO rooms?

No drinking alcohol is forbidden in any public area including the hotel’s lobby, parking areas, hallways of OYO hotels. But guests can consume alcohol in their room without disturbing the discipline of the Hotel and other guests.

What are the benefits of OYO rooms?

There are many advantages of booking OYO rooms such as OYO provides budget affordable rooms with all the basic needs like – clean toilet, AC, breakfast, WiFi, hot showers etc.

Does OYO life provide food?

Yes OYO life provides food along with its other services and amenities to students such as WIFI etc. to make everyday life more appropriate.

How many people can stay in OYO homes?

In one standard room of OYO homes, two people can stay conveniently.

What are the disadvantages of OYO rooms?

OYO faces these challenges in India –

  • Indian hotel partners don’t pay on time.
  • Police complaints by hotel groups and other hoteliers.
  • Less profit
  • Asset heavy model.

What is OYO Home?

OYO Homes is a unique initiative of OYO, under which you can book a hotel in which you have the facility of cooking your own food.

When many people go to another city for some important work or for a holiday vacation, the biggest problem with them is that they do not want to eat outside food due to health reasons.

So its solution is Oyo Home, in Oyo Home you are given a kitchen along with the room, in which all the utensils required for cooking, induction stove, fridge, water purifier etc are provided.

So that just by buying some essential raw materials like rice, vegetables etc., you can cook your own food and eat it.

This is also a great facility for those who are going to stay in a hotel for a week or more.

Nowadays many people prefer to stay in Oyo Home instead of a normal hotel because it is convenient and cheap too.

Some interesting facts about OYO

Here are some interesting facts about Oyo, everyone should know-

  • OYO Group has more than 10,000 hotels in India.
  • The number of people staying in the Oyo Hotel every day has reached more than three lakhs.
  • More than 20 million people have downloaded the OYO application on the Android platform.
  • OYO has a market value of over $10 billion.

Some other famous full forms of OYO

OYO- Office of Youth Operations- a famous community

OYO- Organize your overwhelm- in chatting

Similar full forms

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