What is the full form of AAI ?

AAI Full Form: Airport Authority of India

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AAI full form or Meaning is Airport Authority of India.

Airport Authority of India or AAI is the Main governing body in India for all types of Passengers and public airports.

The Airports Authority of India is a statutory body, working under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, Government of India is liable for making, redesigning, keeping up and overseeing common flight foundation in India. It gives Communication Navigation Surveillance/Air Traffic Management benefits over Indian airspace and bordering maritime zones.

AAI- Airport Authority of India
AAI- Airport Authority of India

earlier the international Airport Authority of India was Managing all international Airports and the national Airport Authority was managing all the Domestic Airports.

With the increase in the number of passengers, it was almost impossible for the National Airports Authority and International Airports Authority of India to handle it properly.

so the Indian parliament passed Airport Authority of India ACT 1995 on 1st April 1995 to create a separate and more powerful body called as Airport Authority of India.

The Airport Authority of India Came into existence by the merger of erstwhile National Airports Authority and International Airports Authority of India.



Number of Airports under AAI

A total of 137 airports, which include 23 International Airports, 10 Customs Airports, 81 Domestic Airports and 23 Domestic Civil Enclaves at Defense airfields comes under the Airport Authority of India-AAI.

The 23 International Airports which comes under AAI also includes 3 International Civil Enclaves, and 4 customs Civil Enclaves includes in 10 Custom Airports.

AAI provides air navigation services over 2.8 million square nautical miles of air space that includes almost every corner of the Globe.

Passenger Handling By Airport Authority of India- AAI

Airport Authority of India Handled more than 341 Million Passengers in 2018. The number of passengers traveling by air is increasing at a rate of more than 5% in India every year.

Domestic and International both air passengers are increasing rapidly in India. India is the third-largest domestic civil aviation market in the world behind the USA and China.

Technological Advancements by Airport Authority of India

AAI has always been ahead in adopting new technology. Today, many airports in India are of a world-class level.

it was the first Airport Authority in East Asia to Adopt the Automatic Departure Servilance system(ADSS) at Kolkata and Chennai Airport.

most of the airports in India is Having the facility to land at Night. some of them are even equipped with the fog landing system.


Functions of AAI-

  1. Passenger Facility-  the main function of Airport Authority of India is construction, Modification & management of passengers Terminal. it also looks after the construction and maintenance of the Cargo Terminal.
  2. Air Navigation Services-  Air Navigation services are one of the important work of AAI. Ensuring correct operation of the Aircraft using advanced air navigation technology is done by the Airport Authority of India.
  3. Security At Airport-  AAI takes a lot of security measures so that passengers can travel safely. security at the airport and Air is managed by the Airport Authority of India, with the help of other central agencies.

Busiest Airports Under AAI- 

Airports in Metros are busiest in India. Indira Gandhi International airport Delhi is the busiest airport in India followed by Mumbai Airport.

Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad also came in the list of busiest Airports.

Training Centres of AAI-

Airport Authority of India has Different Training Centres Across India.-

  • The Civil Aviation Training College- Prayagraj (Allahabad)
  • Hyderabad Training center- Hyderabad
  • National Institute of Aviation Management and Research(NIAMAR)- New Delhi
  • Fire Training Centre(FTC)- New Delhi
  • Fire Training Centre(FTC)- Kolkata

Job Opportunity at AAI- 

Airport Authority of India is a Miniratna category 1 public sector enterprise. Within this, a lot of employees are required in fields such as Airport operations, Airport Navigation, and security.

One can join AAI in any of the following areas according to their qualifications. the recruitment is done for most of the technical posts through GATE. but they also conduct their recruitment drives for different posts.

different fields one can work-

  • CNS(Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance),
  • ATM(Air Traffic Management),
  • Engineering department
  • Finance department
  • Human Resources
  • Land/Commercial departments


visit the official website of Airport Authority of India- www.aai.aero

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