What is the full form of VI ?

VI Full Form: Vodafone-Idea

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Vodafone-idea is the full form or meaning of VI.

In 2020, two of India’s major mobile service provider companies, Vodafone and Idea, decided to come together to avoid the losses incurred constantly.

These two companies decided to form a new company VI together so that customers can be better served.

vi full form
vi full form

Ever since the Jio Company entered the market in 2016, all the mobile service provider companies have suffered heavy losses.

Among them, Airtel recovered itself to a great extent, but Vodafone and Idea continued to suffer losses.

Now in 2020, there was only one way before these two companies, either do something new or close the company.

People believe that company VI formed by meeting these two companies will be able to give better network coverage and better plans to customers because now their expenses will be reduced considerably.

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