What is the full form of GPS ?

GPS Full Form: Global Positioning System

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The full form of GPS is a Global positioning system which is a satellite navigation system. This satellite navigation system Global positioning system is used to identify the ground position of an object.

The military of the United States used this Global positioning system technology first in the 1960s. After that, the US military broadened this global positioning system into civilian applications for next coming decades.

Nowadays a lot of commercial products use global positioning system technology and GPS receivers for example automobiles, smartphones, GIS devices, wearables, fitness watches, etc. The global positioning system is broadly used to track and guide vehicles, provide the best route from one place to another place for airlines, courier services, and shipping companies, drivers, etc.

GPS Full Form
GPS Full Form

GPS Parts

The global positioning system parts can be broken down into three sections that are –

The Space segment of GPS

The space segment or section of GPS is referred to as satellites. Hardly 24 satellites are distributed in six orbital planes.

The control segment of GPS

The control section of GPS is referred to stations that are installed on the Earth to maintain and monitor the satellites.

The user segment of GPS

The user GPS segment is related to users who process the navigation signals received from the global positioning system satellites to measure time and position.

These are the working principle of the global position system –

  • The network of the Global position system includes 24 satellites that are arrayed nearly 19300 kilometres above the surface of the Earth.
  • These satellites of GPS circle the earth at a really fast speed of nearly 11200 km/h that is once every 12 hours. These are spaced evenly so all four satellites can be seen with a clear line of sight from anywhere on the globe.
  • These GPS satellites are fitted with a computer, an atomic clock, and radio, etc. it contains the knowledge of orbit and the clock so it transmits its shifting place and time constantly.
  • The global position system makes use of the method triangulation to identify the location of the user. This triangulation is a kind of mechanism in which a global position system establishes a receiving and working information link with 3 to 4 satellites. After this satellite transmits one piece of message information that includes the location of the receiver.
  • The position can also be shown on the monitor if the receiver has a computer screen showing a map.
  • The receiver might measure both the altitude and the geographical position if the fourth satellite can be accessed.
  • The receiver will be able to get travel speed and direction if the traveller is travelling and give approximate arrival times to specific locations.

GPS applications

  • The application area of the global position system is used in technology to provide data that had never been available before with the amount of precision degree that the global position system makes it possible.
  • The global position system is used by researchers to measure the change in the arctic ice shift, volcanic activity, and tectonic plates, etc.
  • The global position system provides the exact location.
  • A global position system is used to track an object or person’s movement.
  • The global position system is most important in the creation of world maps.
  • The global position system affords the universe precise timing.
  • GPS is used in travelling from one to another location.


What is GPS and how it works?

GPS or global position system works through the atomic clocks they carry. These atomic clocks provide tremendously accurate time. For a receiver can continuously determine the exact time the signal was broadcast, the time information is placed in the codes that are broadcast by the satellite.

What is GPS used for?

The Global positioning system is developed to allow accurate determination of geographical locations by the military and civil users. This global positioning system is based on the use of satellites in the Earth’s orbit. This transmits the information that allows measuring the distance between the satellites and the user.

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