What is the full form of TBH ?

TBH Full Form: To Be Honest

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TBH full form or meaning is To Be honest.

Nowadays as internet usage is increasing, the trend of people spending time on social media and chatting on different chatting platforms is also increasing.

And with that, the trend is increasing that some of the short forms which people use during their chatting, and due to which it becomes easy to say a lot of matter in short words during chatting.

One of those short-form words has become a famous word, TBH, which people use during chatting in a conversion to give their consent slightly outside the opinion of the person in front.

TBH full form
TBH full form

In other words, TBH is an internet slang famous on the internet and especially on Instagram and Facebook, which people use to express their views on something about the person in front of them during chatting.

During chatting, people often use, To Be Honest, or its short form TBH on Instagram to show their opinion on having a separate opinion from the person in front.

Many times during chatting, we put TBH before anything good we want to say to our friends.

During chatting on the internet people use TBH as well as LOL, ASAP, ROLF etc., it also saves people time during chatting and makes the conversion attractive.

Example of TBH during chatting on Instagram

People often use the word, to be honest, or TBH while chatting on Instagram, the example of chatting below will help you understand the usage of the word TBH better-

Nisha- hi Radha, how was my dress during Soni marriage?

Radha- You looked great in a pink dress during Soni’s wedding, TBH pink dress always suits you a lot.

TBH- to be honest Synonyms

  • To tell the truth
  • In fact
  • If truth to be told
  • Allow me to speak my mind
  • In all honesty
  • As a matter of fact

some other famous internet slang similar to TBH

LOL– Laugh out Loud

ASAP- As soon  as possible

ROFL- Rolling on the floor laughing

GM- Good Morning

GN- Good Night

OMG- oh my god

THX- Thanks


TY- Thank you


Some other famous full forms of TBH

TBH- The BrotherHood (Governmental)

TBH- The Blue Highway (in transportation)

TBH- To Be Hired (in Business)

Similar full forms

LOL full form

OK Full form

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