What is the full form of PVR ?

PVR Full Form: Priya Village Roadshow

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The meaning or full form of the acronym PVR is the Priya Village Roadshow, which is related to entertainment and cinemas.

The Priya Village Roadshow is a company of movie cinemas in India.

PVR works as a film entertainment company, and Priya Village Roadshow began the company as a joint venture. This joint venture agreement of Priya Village Roadshow was between Village roadshow limited and Priya exhibitors’ private limited.

This joint venture happened in 1995 and the business investment ratio of this joint venture Priya Village Roadshow was 60:40.

PVR full form
PVR full form

About PVR | what is PVR?

Priya Village Roadshow started its commercial operations in June 1997. Ajay Bijli was the founder of Priya Village Roadshow.

Currently, Ajay Bijli is also the managing director and chairman of Priya Village Roadshow cinemas.

Apart from this, Sanjeev Bijli, the brother of Ajay Bijli works as the joint managing director of the company Priya Village Roadshow Limited.

A pro-active CSR wing is also being operated under PVR by the Priya Village Roadshow Limited Company.

In Forum Mall of Bengaluru,, the first-ever Priya Village Roadshow (PVR) gold screen was introduced.

Before the advent of PVR, the cinema hall in India was a separate complex, where people only went to watch the cinema.

But PVR changed this trend and started a new and better trend of setting up cinema halls in shopping malls as well.

By which people can also do their shopping inside the same mall and can also enjoy their favourite cinema.

PVR has more than 1600 employees working across India.

PVR history

The name of the company Priya Village Roadshow Cinemas was named after the name of Priya Cinema.

This cinema was located in South Delhi which was bought by the father of Ajay Bijli.

Ajay Bijli’s father bought Priya Cinema in 1978.  However,, the cinema Priya Cinema was named after the name Priya Jaisighani.

Later the success of Priya Cinema was led to the foundation of Priya Village Roadshow Cinemas.

Priya Village Roadshow got an investment of 40 crores from the ICICI ventures in 2003.

It was the time when Priya Village Roadshow pulled out their partnership in the business.

Priya Village Roadshow had a subsidiary named Cine Hospitality Private Limited.

This company Cine Hospitality Private limited bought the Cinemax cinema chain. This cinema chain Cinemax was sold by the Kanakia group in 2012.

This acquisition of Cinemax by the Cine Hospitality private limited made the Priya Village Roadshow the biggest cinema chain in India.

Later in May 2016 the Priya Village Roadshow cinemas also bought DLF group. This DLF group was owned by the DT cinemas.

Priya Village Roadshow Cinemas Company has also invested in a venture related to a new cinema concept.

This new cinema concept is Superplex. This cinema concept is started by the PVR in Noida to promote new concept movies.

In this new venture called Superplex,, the Priya Village Roadshow cinemas invested around 48 crores which have 15 screens.

Apart from this the venture Superplex also has IMAX, Gold Class, 4DX, a playhouse, a mainstream auditorium. In Indore, the first Gold Screen by Priya Village Roadshow cinemas was launched in 2007.

Priya Village Roadshow has also launched the first virtual reality lounge of Asia at Priya Village Roadshow ECX, Mall of India, Noida.

This was launched by Priya Village Roadshow cinemas in partnership with HP India.

An acquisition of Chennai based SPI cinemas was announced in August 2018 by the Priya Village Roadshow Cinemas. This acquisition happened in both cash and stock deal of a total of 850 crores.

The PVR shows its cinemas in its 800 cinema screens in India in August 2019.

 PVR playhouse and 4DX

The Priya Village Roadshow playhouse was launched with the purpose to provide kids with a place to watch movies. Here children can watch movies that will engage kids in the way kids want to.

The PVR playhouse is focused on kids from 3 to 12 years old.

This Priya Village Roadshow playhouse has more than 49 seater movie auditorium. This auditorium showcases movies and animated content for kids.

On the other hand, PVR 4DX is the second cinema chain in India that launched 4DX after Cinepolis.


Is PVR operates only in India?

No, Apart from Indias 180 Locations and 800 screens, PVR also operates in Sri Lanka.

Which is the largest group of cinema halls in India?

PVR is India’s largest group of cinema halls with more than 800 screens across 180 locations in over 60 cities.

Some other famous full forms of PVR

PVR- Personal Video Recorder (in news and media)

PVR- Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Airport code)

PVR- Premature Voluntary Release (in the military)

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