What is the full form of PR ?

PR Full Form: Public Relations, Prothrombin Ratio, Permanent Residence

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PR is a famous Acronym, having many famous full forms.

Here we are going to discuss three full forms of PR. One PR full form is related to Media, the other PR full form defines in measurement and another full form of PR is related to Residency rules.

PR full form in media

PR stands for Public Relations which is the practice of managing the reach of information among an individual or a company and the public or audience. Public Relations is also seen as an art of strategic management of relationships between companies and their targeted audience or the general public.

PR full form
PR full form

Public relation firms or companies help businesses or individuals such as an influencer, politician or celebrity to promote their image or build a relationship with the public through media.


What does PR girl mean?

The public relations girl is often an event helper who greets the customers, communicate about the product and sometimes just stands there to draw people’s attention to the booth.

What is the meaning of the PR team?

PR team means public relation companies are being hired by individuals or organizations to enhance trust, build reputations through media, and protect their brand through social media and for self-produced communications.

These public relation experts work for companies and handle their consumer relations as well as the relationship between different sections of the organization like the managers with employees along with various branch offices.

What is PR used for?

 The main purpose of public relation agents or agencies is to inform the public or a particular audience, prospective customers, employees and workers, stakeholders, investors, business partners.

These Public relation agents and agencies focus to persuade these people or the public to manage a positive or favourable view and image about that particular organization or individual.

They make the public to believe in the leadership, political decisions and product and service of the organization or individual.

PR for Prothrombin Ratio

 PR defines the Prothrombin Ratio which is a standardized number that is being figured out in the lab. This Prothrombin Ration is also named the International Normalized Ratio. If a person gets into an accident and his blood doesn’t clot as soon then the person can be at risk of continues and dangerous bleeding. In this situation, the healthcare provider or the doctor uses this Prothrombin Ratio to acknowledge whether his anti-clotting medicines are being targeted or whether he requires a transmission in his dosage.

Use of PR in bleeding

Coagulation which is also called blood clotting is a protective mechanism of our body against excessive bleeding. When damage happens to blood vessels in the body a series of reactions happen that involve substances that are found in the blood names clotting factors.

These clotting factors are called clotting factors because they contribute to the formation of the blood clot.

In a case where a person takes blood thinners also called anticoagulants or anti-clotting medicines, it is more crucial to check his Prothrombin Ratio.

This PR is gained through the results of the Prothrombin Time test that measures the time taken of the blood clotting. This PR is an international standard for PT.

The PT test is needed to take if the person takes medicines like warfarin that change the process of blood clotting. If a person is at risk of a heart attack or stork then anti-clotting medicines are helpful.

PR full forms
PR full forms

PR for Permanent residence

PR describes Permanent Residence and as the name suggests a permanent residence is the legal resident status of a person in a particular country.

This describes that the person is not just a citizen but they have the right to reside in that country on a permanent basis.

About PR

 The right of abode waives immigration control for a person but permanent residency is different for that person.

On the other hand, people who have permanent residency still need immigration control in case they do not have the right to abode. A right of abode automatically provides people with permanent residency status.

This permanent residency status gives a work permit to the holder. The permanent residency status in western countries confers the right of abode to the holder even if that person is not a citizen of a particular country.

PR- Press Release


Some other famous full forms of PR

PR- Page Rank- in computing and in SEO

PR- Progress Report- in Business

PR- Public Radio- in News and Media

Similar Full forms

MSP full form

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