What is the full form of PH ?

PH Full Form: Potential of Hydrogen

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 The full form of PH is Potential of Hydrogen which is a chemistry term.

The potential of Hydrogen refers to the hydrogen ion concentration in a solution and it is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of a solution.

PH is measured and analysed through a PH scale that tells the PH value of a particular liquid or substance. On a pH scale, the value ranges between 0 – 14.

PH full form
PH full form

 About PH

 The potential of hydrogen describes the figure which expresses the alkalinity or acidity level of a given solution on a logarithmic scale.

Here the term or acronym PH is derived from the German word “potenz” that present Power and here the word power is combined with hydrogen. So PH is used as a short form for the term “power of hydrogen”.

The acidity or alkalinity for a solution is a measure only at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius.

The PH is equalling to –log 10c where c is the concentration of hydrogen ions in moles per litter measurement.

Importance of PH

 PH or potential of hydrogen system is used in everyday life and it is a commonly used term in daily life. PH value of a solution plays an important role in our everyday life such as –

  • The potential of Hydrogen in a solution helps in food digestion without any harm to our stomach.
  • There is a required specific PH range in soli for healthy plants growth.
  • For all living beings, survival depends only on a specific and narrow range of potential of hydrogen.
  • One can face tooth decay due to the change of pH in the mouth.

PH scale

PH scale has a standard of identifying the acidity and alkalinity value of a solution. The pH value of a solution below 7 describes the acidity level while the PH level above 7 and till 14 indicates the level of alkalinity of the solution.

As the pH value increases the alkalinity level also increases on the other hand as the pH value decreases the acidity level increases.

So this way any solution with a pH value of 14 will be highly alkaline but a solution with a pH level of 0 or 1 will be highly acidotic.

The number 7 on the pH scale indicates a neutral level such as pure water at 25 degree Celsius temperature has a pH of 7.

PH value measurement

There is a specific method to measure the potential of hydrogen in different elements. To measure pH value in elements a litmus paper or indicators are used.

PH value of element is measured with electrochemical measuring systems and colourimeters.

The easiest way to measure pH value is litmus paper or colourimeter. Although the colourimeter and litmus test are not that accurate enough in case of high-quality pH measurement due to the transition value of pH value point that depends on the user.


What is the PH formula?

The potential of hydrogen is a unitless value of an element that is measured through a pH scale. The value is indicated to the activity of hydrogen positive ions in that particular solution.

This potential of hydrogen is the negative of the logarithm of the molecular hydronium-ion concentration. This is the main formula for pH or potential of hydrogen ions –

PH = -log [h3O+] or log [H+]

What is the PH of milk?

The PH level of milk is 6.5 to 6.7 at a temperature of 25 degree Celsius.

 What is the PH of normal water?

The PH level of the most common drinking water ranges from 6.5 to 8.5. However, the PH level of natural water can be lower than this range of 6.5 level.

 What is the PH of blood?

Blood has a normal pH level and that ranges from 7.35 to 7.45 pH level.

What is the highest PH level?

 The pH scale measures the PH level from 0 to 14 so the highest level of PH is 14 which is the highest alkaline. However, it is possible to have a PH level below 0 and above 14 for a particular element.

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Some other famous full forms of PH

PH- Public Health, in educational institutes

PH- Public HTML- in computer education

PH- Public Holidays- in the USA Governmental

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