What is the full form of PG ?

PG Full Form: Paying Guest

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The full form of PG is Paying Guest who is a person that lives in someone else’s home and pays for it.

A paying guest as the name refers is a person or in general, a tenant in someone’s home and is paying to them for all the services such as staying, food, laundry and all other facilities the house owner offers to the paying guest.

Paying guest system sounds like having a tenant and landlord relation but it is different than that.

A tenant is responsible to pay rent only for the space of living or accommodations and no other facilities in daily life. On the other hand, the paying guest gets all the conveniences like furniture, meal, laundry etc. like a guest at a home.

This paying guest culture popularized since the small city students started living in other cities for education or work etc. in present the paying guest is a popular and well-known business also for anyone who has extra space and rooms at their home.

Students studying in other cities or singles who work in other cities than their home town now prefer to stay as a paying guest than in a hotel, hostel or just as a tenant.

While staying in PG one has no worries about doing several other tasks such as – washing clothes, cooking, cleaning and other household tasks.

Advantages of PG

  • PG is becoming so popular with youngsters because of its numerous benefits such as –
  • PG are available easily in any city and most are near to industries, commercial towers and offices etc.
  • While staying in PG one can know about that particular city a lot as there is always a direct conversation between the house owner and the Paying guest.
  • Renting a house or room for one person is expensive but PG is cheap and affordable especially in a big city such as – Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi etc.
  • Staying in PG is much convenient as it provides other accommodation also such as – TV, fridge, food, laundry etc.
  • PG are comfortable for singles as there is no need to carry any kind of amenities such as – AC, washing machine, wi-fi, CCTV etc. because all the PG providers have these amenities already.
  • Another biggest advantage of staying in PG is that it is safer than other options such as a hotel or hostel and staying alone. It is also because PG owners don’t allow anyone to enter without verification.
  • Because all the facilities are provided by the PG owner so there is no need to worry about repairmen of equipment or any kind of maintenance etc.
  • All the PG have some rules that the PG owner set for paying guests that they must follow so it builds a kind of discipline. It builds etiquette like dinner and lunch timing, the timing of coming back at night etc.
  • There is always some basic arrangements in case of a medical emergency which is a crucial thing.

 Disadvantages OF PG

  • Paying guest system is an affordable choice and profitable business however it has some disadvantages also for both the PG owner and the paying guest such as –
  • Paying guests have no permission to do late-night parties.
  • A limit of using water and electricity.
  • Getting inappropriate people to share a room with.


Which is better PG or hostel?

PG is better than a hostel when it comes to safety. Although both in PG and Hostel there is security for outside there is no guarantee for inside security in a hostel. PG often provide better services than hostel.

Does PG provide food?

Yes, almost all the PG owners offer food. Most of the PG provides three meals a day along with other living accommodations.

Is PG business profitable?

PG business is growing rapidly as more and more students and singles have to stay in another city for study or work. The best part is that there is no need for much money to start a PG business but just a vacant room at your own house

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