What is the full form of OK ?

OK Full Form: Objection Killed, Oll Korrect, On Kerosine

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The full form or meaning of OK is Oll Korrect, objection killed, Oll Korrect, On Kerosine.

OK is the most popular acronym or abstraction used in the world.

But there are only a few people in the world who know the full form of this two-letter Famous Acronym.

This is a short form that is used by people even those are not educated.
And this short form is used in almost all parts of the world, regardless of the language people speak there.


OK full form
OK full form


Today, in the whole world, the one meaning for which most people use the word OK is acceptance, or to show that everything is fine.

Most people in the world agree that it is the American English word.

Which is used to indicate acceptance, agreement, approval, accent, acknowledgement.

sometimes OK is also used as a sign of indifference.

The spelling of OK varies in different countries, as- Okay, O.K and ok, but the meaning of this word is the same worldwide.

If you do a research, you will hardly find another word, which is used by people all over the world for the same meaning, no matter which language they Know.
So we can say that OK is the word that brings the whole world together



History of Ok

Many people believe that the term OK started from the 18th century and was also used as a secret language during the war.

But gradually its circulation increased and today most of the people in the whole world use this word for acceptance.

After the usage of the internet increased, people started chatting with each other, it started to be used even more, and today people use only K-word instead of OK in chatting.


Other meanings of OK

OK- All Correct

Whenever someone uses OK during a conversation, it means, All Correct, means everything is fine.

OK- All Clear

When Lissner understands something during a conversion, he responds, OK

OK- Objection Killed

OK is also used when the people in the conversation understand everything, and has no objection.

Why is OK painted on the back of almost Every Truck in India?

One thing you will find common in trucks all over India is that the HORN OK PLEASE be written on the back of every truck.

The practice of writing this 3 word on the back of the truck started before independence when only kerosene in the form of fuel was present in India.
And people used only kerosene for both their domestic and commercial work.

Kerosene is a highly flammable A9 fuel, and at that time trucks often caught fire due to this fuel.
So trucks or any other vehicles were advised to keep a proper distance from each other.

That is why OK was written on the back of every truck which meant on kerosene.

And if any vehicle overtakes from the truck, then before that, play the horn, that’s why the HORN PLEASE also be written.

A lot changed over time but these 3 words written on the back of the trucks did not change, and today when most of the trucks are driven by diesel or CNG, people are still writing these 3 words.

Because most truck drivers and owners feel that if they do not write these three words, their truck will look different.

Horn OK Please
Horn OK Please

Why OK Tested is written on many machines and devices we purchase?

You have often noticed that when we buy a lot of electrical, electronics or mechanical items, it is written OK tested at someplace.

The reason behind writing OK tested or sticker is that the machine is made by adding a lot of parts, then it needs to be checked before the final product is sent out of the factory, That this machine or device has all its parts installed, and it is working properly.

OK Tested
OK Tested

So in the last stage of assembly of any machine or device, it is tested, and then this sticker is applied.


OK Detergent- 

OK is the name of a detergent used by many in India. The OK Detergent powder is the product of OK life care company.


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