What is the full form of JOB ?

JOB Full Form: Joining Others Businesses

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The word JOB is not an acronym so there is no official full form for the word JOB. However, there are many alternative full forms and sometimes the word JOB is treated as an Acronym depending on the situation.

One common full form of the word JOB is Joining Other businesses. Apart from this the term Just obey boss is also used as the full form of JOB.

These both full forms indicate to the same meaning what the word JOB actually stands for.

JOB is a word used in English for work or tasks. Normally it is used for a professional occupation and position or work but in general, it can be used just for a Task.

JOB is the position of a person in society or business. In other words, A JOB is like an activity that is regularly done in exchange for money or payment. In professional terms, the person who has that job is called an employee.

Some JOBs are illegal and some are legal however JOB word mostly indicates the legal professional position.

These JOBS can be divided into many types such as based on hours or months. Some other words used as synonyms for JOB are – Career, position, post, profession, task, work, activity, operation assignment, appointment, employment, etc.

JOB full Form
JOB full Form

About JOB

Job or work is a person’s role in society or it can be an activity or task also. Many people get multiple jobs such as employee, parent, and housewife. In general JOB word is related to having money or payment in exchange however it is not directly related to payment and can be day to day task also.

So a task that needs a person’s mental, physical efforts is work or JOB. To make it a profession the person has to be trained to do it. JOB can also be a subset of someone’s career.

 JOB for people

There are many types of professional jobs in a society that people spend their forty or more hours each week for a paid employment. The nature of the job can vary with the person is doing it. The JOB of a student can be studied as they are required to do it. Some work as volunteers or some work as homemakers.

JOB types

There are many categories for jobs. Because the job is generally related to the profession so here we are going to discuss some of the types of JOBS in the professional world where you do the work in exchange for payment.

JOBS can be classified on different bases such as the time period of work, nature of work, and industry of work.

There are unpaid jobs also such as volunteer, homemaker, mentor, intern, and students, etc.

According to the level of experience, JOBS are divided into entry-level, intern and co-op, etc.

In professional work, some jobs are required to have a certain kind of experience and training or academic degree and skills. However, all kinds of jobs need a particular type of skill to be done.

Depending on the nature of jobs here are the types of JOB –


Day job as the name suggests a type of work where the employee only has to do it in the day and they are free to do anything else at other times. For example – working in an office for 8 hours.

Night JOB

A night job is where the employee performs tasks in the nighttime for already decided hours.

 Side JOB

A side job is like extra work or a job from the main source of income. A person with a side job can have little time left for sleep or other activities. Side jobs are also called side hustle, moonlighting, side gig, etc.

Some Other Full Form of JOB

JOB- Journey of the Broke

JOB- Job Opportunity Bank

Similar Full forms

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JAIIB Full Form

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