What is the full form of INDIA ?

INDIA Full Form: Independent Nation Declared in August

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So you are looking for the full form of the word INDIA and might not get it yet? Well, that’s because the word INDIA has no full form. Actually is not an acronym that is why it doesn’t refer to any full form meaning.

Then what is the word INDIA? India is the world’s biggest democratic and the second most populated country. It is a southeast Asian country.

Although the word INDIA is not an acronym and doesn’t mean any full form. Still, there are some meaning comes from this word INDIA. Here are few interesting full form or meaning for INDIA –

INDIA – the Independent Nation Declared in August (India got its independence in August 1947)

India full form
India full form

Where the word INDIA came from?

The word INDIA had seen progress before it was finally accepted as the name of this country. In ancient times Indus was a holy river and the name was based on the world’s oldest civilization the ‘Indus valley civilization’. Indus refers to the Sanskrit word “Sindhu” which was pronounced as “Hindu” by Persians.

Thus the word India was derived from the name of the river Indus. This name become popular in Europe since the Greeks pronounced Indus as Indoi which turned into INDIA.

Hence it took a large progression and different transition for this name INDIA to become the English name of this popular Asian country “Hindustan”.

India geography

India is located in the south-east of the Asian continent. It is covered by a diversified environment. It touches the Bay of Bengal in the southeast and the Arabian Sea in the southwest. India is conjoined to the Indian Ocean on the south.

India is considered the world’s seventh biggest country. India is a subcontinent nation that has 28 states and 8 union territories.

Economy of India

India is called an agricultural country because 70% of the population is engaged to work in the agricultural sector such as farming and floriculture. India is the world’s third major economy by purchasing power parity. Apart from it, INDIA is also the world’s fifth-leading economy by nominal Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Indian Politics

INDIA is known as the largest democratic nation in the world due to its liberal policies, constitution, and venerable parliament of democracy.

Indian constitution does not pressurize a religion or culture even after being the most diverse cultural nation.

INDIA is a multiple political party nation. It has eight well known national parties such as Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (Congress). Other than national parties India is a country of more than 40 regional political parties.

Who found India?

In the 15th century, an European and Portuguese explorer Vasco De Gama reached India. He became the first European to found India.

Vasco visited India through the Atlantic Ocean when he reached Calicut on the Malabar Coast.

What is India known for?

INDIA is a diverse country and is known worldwide for different things. Here is the most popular thing India is recognized for –

  • India’s variety of delicious food
  • Colourful and meaningful festivals
  • Tradition and religious sentiments
  • Spiritual thoughts and wisdom
  • Ayurveda and Yoga
  • Biggest film industry Bollywood
  • The ancient but most employed train network
  • Huge population
  • Supportive and progressive mind people
  • Most emerging economy

Fun and interesting facts about INDIA

  • India has the largest post office network in the world
  • India has become the fifth largest car manufacturer in the world
  • India has the biggest train network which is also the biggest employed sector
  • India follows a law of brotherhood and integrity that is why it has never invaded any country in the for over past one lack year
  • Indians were the pioneer to introduce stable civilization to the world about 5ooo years ago while other regions were still wandering as nomads
  • Popular math studies as Algebra, Trigonometry and Calculus were discovered in India
  • Famous boardgame chess was an Indian invention
  • India owns the highest number of Post offices in the world
  • Popular indoor board game Snakes and Ladders was formerly known as ‘Mokshapat’ and it was originated by Indian saint Gyandev in the 13th century
  • India is world’s one of the most ancient civilization
  • Cows are believed sacred and are worshipped in India
  • India’s Chenab Bridge is the highest rail bridge in the world
  • India is the world’s youngest country as about 65 per cent of the population fall in the age group of 15-59 years
  • Did you know that people equal to the population of Australia, travels on Indian Railways every day? (the population of Australia is 25 million, and India railway daily travellers are 23 million)
  • Today there is hardly any such big technology company in the world, which does not have an Indian at the highest position.
    Whether it is Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Microsoft, Indians everywhere have made their mark.
  • By the way, many people believe that most of the people of India are Hindi speakers, but do you know that the highest 125 million English-speaking people are Indians after America in the whole world.

10 important Gifts India gave to the world

India and Indians made many important inventions in the fields of technology, education, health, some of which are the following-

  1. The first university in the world was Takshshila University in India and it was running in the North-West part of India in 700 BC, which had more than 10,000 students and more than 200 professors at that time.
  2. Number 0 started from India, due to which arithmetic reached so far today.
  3. Vaishali was the first republic in the world, which explained the meaning of republic to the whole world.
  4. Shampoo was invented in Britain in 1762 by Sheikh Din Mohammad of India
  5. USB was invented by Indian American computer architect Ajay Bhatt
  6. Ayurveda started in India itself, which is being adopted by the whole world today.
  7. Buttons, which are used by people all over the world today, were first used by Indians centuries ago.
  8. With the help of astrological knowledge, the Indians had correctly calculated the time taken by the earth to orbit the sun in the seventh century itself.
  9. Chase game, which people all over the world call a brain-boosting game, has started from India.
  10. Buddhism and Jainism, which is so prevalent in many countries all over the world, that it also started in India.

some sad realities about India

India is today one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and today the whole world is recognizing India’s contribution in the field of technology.
We have made great progress in health, education, technology, cleanliness, etc. But there are also some points which every Indian should know and we all should contribute so that these few sad things which are associated with India, we can make our country To get rid of-

  • India is ranked 102 in the Hunger Index among 117 countries, which is a very poor ranking, even our neighbouring country Bangladesh (88th) is better than us. (2019 ranking)
  • The gap between rich and poor people of India is growing very fast, you can understand the gap between rich and poor in this way, that in 2018, 63 billionaires of India Had more assets than total union budget of the country.
  • Even today the literacy rate in India is close to 75%.
  • How bad is the press situation in India, you can guess from this that India’s ranking in the Press Freedom Index among 180 countries is 142.
  • The condition of farmers in India is very bad and according to the data given in the Parliament by the Government of India, 10281 farmers committed suicide in 2020 due to problems in farming.
  • Even today, a large number of people in India differentiate between boys and girls, due to which many girls are killed during pregnancy.
  • According to the ranking of a safe country for women, India’s ranking among 167 countries is 133 which is very bad.

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  1. Please post correct information that Vasco De Gama became the first European to found India. It’s wrong. Vasco De Gama was that 1st person who found the way from Europe to India. India’s presence on earth is from lots of centuries before Vasco De Gama’s birth.
    So, please share correct information.

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