What is the full form of GK ?

GK Full Form: General Knowledge

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GK full form or meaning is General Knowledge.

General Knowledge is the basic knowledge that any person gets to learn from their everyday work in general.

This is the knowledge that a man uses in his life every day, and general knowledge is the reason; Because of which we find ourselves above all beings on earth because we keep learning some general things every day.

General knowledge means a simple knowledge of a field that every human should know because this ordinary knowledge is used by any person in his common life every day.

Like knowing that touching an electric wire can cause shock, is a common knowledge that everyone should know so that they can protect themselves from electricity

GK full form
GK full form

Another interesting thing about General Knowledge is that the things that come under General Knowledge generally remain true forever, just as the sunrises in the east. It is a piece of common knowledge and is always true.

If you understand the knowledge of general knowledge from another exam, the capital of India is Delhi, it is a common knowledge to know, and it is a truth which cannot be changed normally.

Importance of GK

General knowledge is very important in the life of any human being, it plays an important role in making the everyday life of a human being easy.

General knowledge plays a huge role in a person’s life, and also helps to keep him safe.

Just like every person living in India knows that he has to walk on the left side of the road, it is a general knowledge that everyone has come to know over time if people do not have this simple knowledge then the accident can happen on the road.

As you may have noticed, in childhood, all students are taught General Knowledge Subject, which, after growing up, if they are not preparing for any competitive job then they are not taught General Knowledge Subject.

So it is because when children do not know even small things and they are taught those small things with those general knowledge subject.
Whereas all the same small things, when they grow up, they start learning in normal life and they no longer need to study General Knowledge.

Important full forms of GK

There are many full forms of GK that we use in our daily life.
All of us must know about them. Following are some of the major forms of GK-

  1. AAI full form– Airport Authority of India
  2. AAA full form– American Automobile Association
  3. ABG full form– Arterial Blood Gas
  4. AC full form Alternating current, Air conditioner
  5. ADB full form– Asian Development Bank
  6. AI full form– artificial intelligence
  7. ALU full form– arithmetic logic unit
  8. APMC full form– agricultural produce Market Committee
  9. APJ Abdul Kalam full form- Abdul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
  10. APN full form- Acess point name
  11. ATM full form– automated teller machine, Air Traffic management
  12. Adidas full form– Adolf “AD” Dassler
  13. AUDI full form- Auto Union Deutschland Ingolstadt
  14. Au full form- Astronomical unit
  15. AMU full form- Atomic mass Unit, Aligarh Muslim University
  16. B.ed full form- Bachelor of Education
  17. B.tech full form- Bachelor of Technology
  18. b2c full form-  business to customer
  19. BA full form-  bachelor of arts British Airways
  20. BAMS full form- Bachelor of Ayurvedic medicine and surgery
  21. BBA full form– Bachelor of Business Administration
  22. BCA full form- Bachelor of Computer Application
  23. BDS full form- Bachelor of dental surgery
  24. BJP full form- Bhartiya Janata Party
  25. BMI full form- body mass index
  26. BPO full form- business process outsourcing
  27. BSCC full form-  Bihar Student credit card
  28. CA full form-  chartered accountant
  29. CAA full form-  citizen Amendment Act
  30. CAB full form- citizen Amendment Bill
  31. CACP full form-  Commission for agricultural costs and prices
  32. CBSE full form-  Central Board of Secondary Education
  33. CC full form-  cubic Centimeter, Carbon Copy, credit card,  country code
  34. CDN full form-  content delivery network
  35. CIPET full form- Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology
  36. computer full form- computer operating machine purposely used for technological and educational research
  37. Copa full form- computer operator and programming assistant
  38. covid-19 full form-  coronavirus disease
  39. CPU full form- central Processing Unit
  40. CRY full form- child rights and you
  41. CSC full form-  common service centre
  42. CSK full form- Chennai Super Kings
  43. CSP full form-  customer service point

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