What is the full form of Er ?

Er Full Form: Engineer

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Er, meaning or full form is Engineer.

Er is an acronym or short form, which use started in India in the early 70s by Engineers.

Just as the doctors were putting DR in front of their names, the engineers also started putting Er in front of their names.

In the 70s and 80s, the engineering course was not accessible to all students, and for those who were able to do engineering, it was considered a great achievement.

er full form
er full form


At that time there were few engineering colleges in the country, most of which were IITs, apart from this there were other state government engineering colleges, in which it was not easy to get admission.

Engineering and engineers have been a big contributor to the growth of our country,

but today with the opening of many low-quality engineering colleges and students taking admission in engineering courses, which were not worth engineering, the Engineering craze has decreased slightly.

Even today many engineers put Er in front of their name
You will find many such people easily on social media too.

Even today, most engineering students get good jobs and a good salaries.

Apart from this, you can see around you, that engineers are working on many good posts.

Many successful people of the country are also from an engineering background, such as Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Kejriwal, Sundar Pichai etc.

What is Er- Engineering course?

Engineering is the name of Innovation, doing something new is Engineering.

Engineering is a 4-year course, during which students can get a degree by studying engineering in one of the favourite branches, these are some famous and important engineering branches-

  • Computer science engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • chemical Engineering
  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Information technology

Engineering Short form

As we have learned about the full form of ER in this article, so the full form of ER is Engineer.

So that same means engineer’s short form is Er, today many engineers like to put Er with their name.

Sometimes people also use ENG as the short form of Engineer.

Mechanical Engineering Short Form

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering and continues to be the top choice of students even today.

In such a situation, often students studying mechanical engineering, or students going to take new admission, get the short form of mechanical engineering written in many places.

So if students know the short form of mechanical engineering, then it will help them to understand many things at many places.

The short form of mechanical engineering is written in many ways, some of which are most famous.-

Mechanical Engineering- ME

Mechanical Engineering – MECH ENG

Mechanical Engineering- MECH

Electrical engineering short form

Electrical engineering is one of the most demanded branches today and the future of this engineering branch is also very golden.

In such a situation, many students want to know the short form of electrical engineering, then the most famous short form of electrical engineering is as follows.

Electrical Engineering- EE

Electrical and Electronics Engineering short form- EEE

Computer Engineering short form

Today, not only in India, but the most demanded branch among engineering students all over the world is the Computer Science Engineering branch, so students must go to the short form of Computer Science Engineering.

Computer Engineering- CE

Computer Science Engineering – CSE

Chemical Engineering Short form

Chemical Engineering- ChE

Chemical Engineering- ChemE

Some other famous full forms of Er

Er- Emergency room

in some hospitals, Er is abbreviated for the Emergency room.

Er- Expense ratio

in business calculations, the Er term is used for the Expense ratio.

ER full form in Railway- Eastern Railway


Similar Famous Full Forms

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