What is the full form of CV ?

CV Full Form: Curriculum Vitae

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CV is a popular acronym. It has many full forms. But CV has the three most popular full forms that we are going to discuss here. These CV full forms are related to different sectors like one is related to job hunting, another to Video technology, and another CV full form is associated with the Electronic field.

Here are the full forms –

CV full form in a job- Curriculum Vitae 

The most important full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae. Curriculum Vitae is a profile overview of someone’s life, skills, and experiences. CV is often a lengthy written document that tells about a person’s educational, academic, and professional qualifications.

CV is the most important and first document a job seeker or recent graduates need for career opportunities. It tells the employer about your background and bio summary. That is why a CV should be impressive and well structured.

In a few commonwealth countries, the picture is not required in a CV. However, in some Asian countries picture is a crucial part of the CV.

CV full form
CV full form

How to prepare a CV?

  • Before preparing a CV to know the employer’s requirements for that job or opportunity
  • Must mention your key skills that are most relevant to the job
  • Highlight your best skills and educational qualifications
  • Include job description keywords in your professional bio
  • Create a CV based on the best template that reflects your profile
  • Properly proofread your Curriculum Vitae and there should be no grammatical errors
  • The ideal length for a CV is of not more than 2 pages
  • There should be no gaps in your CV
  • A CV should not look dull and old so keep it updated
  • Add some number and exact data where needed
  • Edit your Curriculum Vitae as much required
  • Always speak the truth in your CV

What is most important in a CV?

Your profile or professional summary is a crucial part of your CV because it highlights the overall potentials of your description.

Another must consider part is your current job on your CV. You might not mention your previous job description but the current situation of your work is important.

In case you don’t have a current job then highlight your best skills and experiences.

What are the benefits of a CV?

CV is the most important part before applying for a post. Here are common benefits of CV –

  • It creates right mind-set
  • It is reflected as your pride
  • It increases confidence and helps you stand out
  • A great CV explains your personality

Difference between CV and Resume?

Sometimes CV and Resume are treated as the same thing. Although the Resume and CV are similar. However, they have some differences as well. Here it is –

Curriculum VitaeResume
  CV is a broad overview of your biographyA resume is industry-specific and is written especially for a particular job
CV is lengthy and has almost no limit


A resume is short and attractive


CV is mostly used for academic posts such as internship, fellowship and faculty opening


A resume is commonly used for specific private or governmental job



2nd famous full form of CV is

CV full form- Composite Video, Component Video

Another popular full form for CV is related to video technology. CV stands for Composite Video and Component Video.

Composite Video is an analogue video signal format also known as SD video which carries standard-definition video as a single channel.

Composite video saves bandwidth and needs fewer connection ports because it combines colour and brightness information into one single analogue video transmission.

On the other hand Component Video is considered to be good to optimize signal quality because it separates motion picture information into basic elements and transmits them individually.

Composite video cable does not support HD content or progressive scan images, because here the video signal is sent through a single wire, so that signal needs to be compressed too much, which causes the video’s resolution and picture quality to decrease heavily.

Component video only uses 3-wire, green, blue and red to send video signals.

Here the green cable transmits the brightness information signal, the blue and red cable transmits the blue and red picture components, and the green component is transmitted over all three wires.

Component video cable supports HD content

How to differentiate the Composite and Component Video system cable?

Composite video cable and component video cable are easily identifiable, where composite video only has three wires, which are yellow, white and red, respectively, with the yellow colour port used to send the video single.

CV full form in video
CV full form in the video

Whereas in component video, 3-wire is used only for video signal whose colour is red, green and blue.

3rd famous full form of CV-

CV full form in electricals- Control Voltage

Another popular CV full form is related to electronics. CV also refers to Control Voltage which is a Direct Current (DC) electrical signal. It manipulates the values of components in analogue circuits.

Basically, CV or CV/gate is an analogue method to control synthesizers, drum machines, and other equipment that have external sequencers. CV controls the pitch note.


Some other famous full forms of CV-

CV- Coefficient of Variation (in mathematics)

CV- Computer Virus (in computers)

CV- Commercial Vehicle (in Transportation)

CV- Campus Visit (in Universities)


Similar full forms

India full form

Computer full form


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