What is the full form of BIS ?

BIS Full Form: Bureau of Indian Standards

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The full form of BIS is the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) which is the National Standard organization of India. It was implemented on 12th October 2017 as the Bureau of Indian standard act, 2016. The responsibility of the Bureau of Indian standards is the harmonious development of the activities of standardization, marking as well as the quality certification of goods. Apart from this the Bureau

BIS Full Form
BIS Full Form

of Indian standards also looks after matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

About BIS

The bureau of the Indian standards has been getting advantage of the national economy by giving safe, trustworthy, and quality goods through its main activities of standardization and conformity assessment.

The Bureau of Indian standard also minimizes the health hazards to consumers, protects the environment, and promotes the exports and imports of substitutes, etc.

BIS takes control over the proliferation of verities also. The standards and certification scheme of BIS supports different public policies such as in sectors like product safety, food safety, environment protection, consumer protection, and building and construction, etc.

The Bureau of Indian standards has worked to address various national priorities as well as other government initiatives such as the Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India, Digital India, ease of doing business by its activities of certification and standardization.

The Bureau of Indian standards regularly addressing issues of advancements, technology changes, environment and energy conservation, climate change, health conditions, and safety as well as trade facilitation, etc. The Bureau of Indian standards also works to make the processes in any industry and section simpler, efficient, and faster.

BIS Framework

This is the structural framework of the bureau of Indian standard –

The Bureau of Indian standard act positions BIS as the National standard organization.

The act allows many conformity assessment schemes along with International practices.

The Bureau of Indian standards provides consumer protection measures such as recall of non-conforming standards that are marked products, stringent penal provisions, and compensation to the consumer, etc.

The Bureau of Indian standards enables the Indian government to add products under compulsory certification on the basis of safety, environment, health, national security as well as prevention of deceptive practices.

The BIS also enables the government to authorize any organization besides the bureau of Indian standards to enforce conformity to a standard and provide certification.

Government can bring Hallmarking of precious metal articles under the compulsory certification of BIS.

BIS objectives

These are the key objectives that the bureau of the Indian standards aims to –

The Bureau of Indian standards focuses on harmonious development of the standardization activities, marking, and quality certification of various types of goods.

The Bureau of Indian standards aims to provide thrust to the standardization and quality control for future and present growth along with good development of the industry on one hand.

On the other hand, BIS also aims to meet the needs of consumers.

BIS Activities

These are prior activities of the bureau of Indian standardization –

International activities

Laboratory services

Standards formulation

Product certification

Training services through the National Institute of training for standardization


Consumer affairs and publicity


Why is BIS needed?

The Bureau of Indian standards is important for the certification and standardization process in India especially for the export and import of the goods. The certified entity or person can offer a third-party guarantee of quality safety, and reliability of the product to their consumers. The Bureau of Indian standardization is also required for the import of various types of items.

Who needs a BIS license?

According to the government of India, there are 90 types of products that are required to have the bureau of Indian standards certification. The Bureau of Indian standards operates a foreign manufactures certification scheme. In this international where manufacturers can be issued a license to use the BIS standard mark for their goods
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BIS: Bank for International Settlements

BIS: Business Information System

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