What is the full form of BHK ?

BHK Full Form: Bedroom, Hall and Kitchen

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BHK is a commonly known acronym. Here we will discuss two important full forms of BHK one is related to housing while the other is a degree course –

BHK in real estate

 BHK in housing stands for Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen. This short form of BHK is used to describe the architect of a flat or house. BHK defines the structure of the Bedroom, Hall, and Kitchen of an apartment. BHK is terminology in the industry uses when someone describes the number of rooms that particular flat or house has.

BHK Full Form
BHK Full Form

So the number in front of the term BHK tells how many rooms that apartment has. For instance 1 BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK, etc. Here we can understand that –

  • 1BHK is for 1 bedroom, 1 hall, and 1 kitchen
  • 2BHK is for 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, and 1 kitchen
  • 3BHK is for 3 bedrooms, 1 hall, and 1 kitchen

Here even if the term BHK doesn’t contain any other word like “T” for toilet it doesn’t mean that apartment doesn’t have such a facility.

Sizes of BHK flats

 Apart from 1BHK, 2BHK, etc., there are other terms used to define the architect of the apartment. It is when the size of rooms is not equal and one is bigger than the other.

Other terms used are –

  • 1.5BHK is for 1 master bedroom room, 1 (0.5) standard size room, 1 hall, and 1 kitchen
  • 2.5BHK is for 2 bedrooms, 1 standard size (small) bedroom, 1 hall, and 1 kitchen
  • 2BHK 2T is for 2 bedrooms, 1 hall, 1 kitchen, and 2 toilets


How is BHK calculated?

BHK is short form so the area of an apartment is calculated based on the standard sizes of properties. It is measured by including the area of the flat’s bedroom, dining room, kitchen, storeroom, balcony, living room, or any other room.

What does RK mean?

RK stands for Room and kitchen.  RK type of apartments is that have only one room which is a combination of hall and bedroom and a separate kitchen.

What is BHKT?

BHKT is a short form and it stands for Bedroom, Hall, Kitchen, and Toilet. It defines the structure and number of bedrooms, hall, kitchen, and toilet in an apartment or house.

BHK in education

 Another important full form of BHK is Bachelor of Human Kinetics or Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics which is a degree program offered by many universities in Health and Social faculty.

BHK is a four years academic bachelor’s degree program that a university provides after successful completion of the study of Human Kinetics. The study in this BHK degree includes – Kinesiology, Physical Education, Therapy, Recreation, and Sport management.

BHK focus and curriculum

 The Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree mainly focuses to build interdisciplinary and interprofessional attitudes toward the study of health and physical activity. The syllabus or curriculum of the BHK degree focuses on concentration, common foundational knowledge, elective courses, etc.

Human Kinetics is a program within the faculty of Health and Social Development. The subject Human Kinetics creates and grows learning in candidates that promote healthy individuals and societies through physical activities.

Use of BHK degree

After getting this Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree one can join below jobs and work positions –

  • Kinesiologist
  • Athletic Therapist
  • Coach
  • Recreation Director
  • Personal Trainer
  • Firefighter
  • Fitness programmer and Evaluator
  • Job in national, international, or local health and government organizations
  • Health professions

In other words, one who has this BHK degree can pursue a career in any health or physical activity-related organization or field. Human Kinetics is related to science health so it will lead to a convincing future.


Is Human Kinetics a good course?

Yes, Human Kinetics is a good course if you want to be a health professional. A bachelor’s degree in Human Kinetics allows candidates to work in various health and physical coaching fields.

What are the subject combinations for Human Kinetics?

An important subject that is required for the study of Human Kinetics is English Language, Mathematics, Health Science, Physical education, Biology and any particular choice based on two other subjects.

Some Other Famous Full Forms of BHK

BHK-Blind Horse Knives

BHK-Baby Hamster Kidney

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