What is the full form of UNESCO ?

UNESCO Full Form: United Nations Educational Scientific and cultural organization

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The full form or meaning of UNESCO is the United Nations Educational Scientific and cultural organization.

UNESCO is a United Nations specialist organization that was established in 1946 through an International collaboration to nurture stability and peace.

UNESCO achieves science, productivity, culture and human rights along with fundamental equality.

UNESCO full form
UNESCO full form

The United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization has 195 member states as well as 9 affiliate members and is headquartered in Paris, France.

UNESCO has offices in other countries. The head office of UNESCO is referred to as the World Heritage Centre.

The United Nations Educational scientific and cultural organization is an agency that was established to promote security and peace.

UNESCO goals and programs

The United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization achieves its goals through these programs and initiatives –

  • Natural science
  • Education
  • Human sciences
  • Culture
  • Information and Communication

UNESCO is known to provide incentives for achievement in various fields. UNESCO holds formal relations with 322 foreign non-governmental organizations in different fields such as academic studies, protection of natural and historical sites, eradication of poverty, enhancement of social and cultural programs etc.  UNESCO has granted 22 awards currently in the fields of education, research, peace and culture.

These are a few UNESCO sponsored projects –

  • Freedom of Press
  • Regional and cultural diversity promotion
  • Translation of world literature
  • Technical training programs
  • Teachers training programs
  • Human rights protection
  • International cooperation
  • Literacy programs
  • Secure world heritage sites


Who is the president of UNESCO?

Currently, the president of the United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization is Audrey Azoulay who replaced Irina Bokova. Audrey Azoulay was elected as the Director-General of UNESCO in the 39th session of UNESCO.

What is the role of UNESCO?

The prime aim of UNESCO is to bring peace and security to the world. For this objective UNESCO focus to promote collaborations among nationals through education, science, culture and communication.

The United Nations educational scientific and cultural organization also focus on further universal respect for justice, human rights, the rule of law and fundamental freedom etc.

How many countries are in UNESCO?

There are currently 193 members along with 11 associate members on the UNESCO member states list. The Articles II and XV of the constitution and by rules 98 to 101 of the rules of procedure of the general conference are responsible to govern the membership of UNESCO.

What is the full meaning of UNESCO and UNICEF?

UNESCO stands for the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organization while UNICEF stands for the United Nations Children’s Fund. UNESCO and UNICEF work together to provide education for children. Here UNICEF was formed concerning the situation of children in Europe during the Second World War.

Who funds UNESCO?

Different member countries fun the UNESCO budget. USA contributes the largest share in the UNESCO budget which is 22%. After the USA these are major budget contributing countries for UNESCO – Japan (assessed at 15%), Germany (8% of budget) and France with 6% of the budget contribution.

What is culture according to UNESCO?

According to UNESCO culture is the distinctive spiritual, intellectual, emotional and material features of the society or of a social group that encompasses, not only art and literature but also lifestyle, value systems, traditions and beliefs, ways of living together etc.

What is the role of UNESCO in India?

UNESCO has played a significant role in India. UNESCO has played role in the development of human rights and education in India.

UNESCO has also provided assistance and international cooperation among various scientists, artists, scholars in India. UNESCO has contributed to the preservation of Indian culture and heritage.

What country has the most UNESCO sites?

Italy and China have the largest number of UNESCO world heritage sites in the world. Italy and China both have 55 world heritage sites each.

When did India join UNESCO?

India joined UNESCO as a member in 1946.

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