What is the full form of NGO ?

NGO Full Form: Non-Governmental Organization

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NGO full form or meaning is Non- Governmental Organization.

NGOs, also known as non-governmental organizations or non-profit organizations, perform various functions for social welfare, without government intervention.

Sometimes NGOs are also called civil society, who work for social and political betterment at social, national and international level.

Many people need to come together to start an NGO, and together they work for the needy, who are desperately in need of help.

Usually, a lot of ordinary people who want to serve people, form NGOs together and help the needy with their own money or with the help of other people.

NGO full form
NGO full form

NGOs work in some important fields such as education, health, women’s welfare, help for elderly people, the help of disabled people etc.

Most NGOs get funds from the general public, from the government, from different types of companies, and from different foundations.

And whenever a person or company donates to an NGO, they get tax exemption under the Income Tax Act 80G.

How to start an NGO?

To start any kind of NGO, the first thing you have to do is to decide in what field you are starting an NGO, what kind of services will you give to people under your NGO,
And then you have to designate the name of your NGO and register the NGO with the Registrar of Companies.

Registration of an NGO can be done in any one of the following three forms.

  1. Society
  2. Trust
  3. Charity

Whenever an NGO is registered, it is also necessary to tell at what level its operation will be done.

Because in which category the NGO is registered, the work area will depend on that, such as one can work only in a community, while another type of NGO can work across the state.

Following are some types of NGO as per the work level-

  1. community-based– Such an NGO can help the poor in different ways within a community, and can tell them about their rights.
  2. citywide– Such an NGO can operate in any one city and can tell people about how to improve living standards by doing different types of business.
  3. State-level– State level NGOs can work across the state and can take different organizations, associations, groups together.
  4. National level– National level NGOs have the right to operate across the country and may have branches in different states and cities.
  5. International level– International level NGOs operate all over the world and also help many national and state-level NGOs with economic and other resources.

Guidelines have been given by the government to run any kind of NGO at any level and it is very important to follow it completely.



Some of the major work done by NGOs.-

  • Helping the poor in different ways.
  • Making people aware of their rights
  • Different kinds of work in the field of health, such as helping people in times of epidemics, helping people in any kind of disease, etc.
  • Different kinds of work in the field of education, such as financial aid to poor students, financial assistance to charitable schools and colleges.
  • Help for women in different ways, such as protecting their rights, financial help, legal help etc.
  • Help for elderly people in different ways, such as financial, physical and other
  • Different kinds of work for the health and safety of children, such as vaccination of children, support of orphans, a shelter of lost children, etc.

Some famous international NGOs

  • Save the children
  • BRAC
  • Care International
  • Red Cross
  • Root capital

Some famous Indian NGOs

  • Akshaya Trust
  • Uday Foundation
  • Being Human
  • Smile Foundation
  • Goonj
  • Roshni
  • Samman Foundation
  • Uday Foundation
  • Sargam Sanstha
  • Little bud
  • Give India Foundation
  • Helpage India
  • Child rights and you (CRY)
  • Care India
  • Kiss Foundation
  • Honor Foundation
  • First

NGO full form FAQs

What is the main purpose of NGO?

The NGO is a non-profit organization as well as a non-governmental organization, whose main job is to do all the work which the government is not able to pay much attention to, or with their help the government can improve those works.

Such as vaccination of children, legal help to women, shelter to the elderly, or help of lost children, NGOs work in all these areas helps the government and people greatly.


some other famous full forms of NGO-

NGO- next-generation office- in modern business

NGO- not a good observer- in normal talk


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