What is the full form of NATO ?

NATO Full Form: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

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In 1949, After World War 2, 28 European countries and 2 North American countries formed an organization which was known as North Atlantic treaty organization. The main aim of this organization  was to have mutual support among the members in case of any other country attacks on them.

The headquarter of NATO is in Brusells,  Belgium.

NATO full form
NATO full form

History and members:

History of NATO starts in the year 1947 when France and United Kingdom signed a treaty for mutual support In terms of military operation. The treaty was later expanded and other members joined to formed NATO in 1949.

The key members of NATO are USA, Canada, Italy And many other European nations.

NATO does not have its own laws/governance nor it cannot punish any of the members or other countries.

Whenever a military force is required by NATO, the member countries will provide military to help the member country in need.

Thus it can be termed as group of friends protecting each other in case of military attack thus enhancing security of all members. The official language of NATO is English and French.

Name of 30 member countries of NATO are given below:


  1. France
  2. United States of America 
  3. United Kingdom
  4. Turkey
  5. Albania
  6. Slovenia
  7. Spain
  8. Belgium
  9. Slovakia
  10. Bulgaria
  11. Romania
  12. Croatia
  13. Portugal
  14. Czech Republic
  15. Poland
  16. Denmark
  17. Norway
  18. Estonia
  19. North Macedonia
  20. France
  21. Netherlands
  22. Greece
  23. Montenegro
  24. Hungary
  25. Luxembourg
  26. Iceland
  27. Lithuania
  28. Italy
  29. Latvia

NATO’s power was first time used after 9/11 attack on America against afganistan.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine is the part of NATO. 

Russia wanted assurance from the member countries of NATO & Ukrain that Ukraine shall not join NATO.

However in recent developments, Ukraine was interested in joining NATO. 

This irked Russia largely. Due to this reason and several other factors in the past, Russia lead an all out military attack (Land, air and sea attack) on Ukrain in February 2022.

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