What is the full form of ISRO ?

ISRO Full Form: Indian Space Research Organization

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ISRO (ISRO) means or full form is an Indian space research organization, also known as Bhartiya antriksha anushandhan Sansthan.

The dignity of India’s pride comes in front of the eyes as soon as ISRO is named.

it is an organization that provides a good technology facility to India to take India towards development.

Let us tell you that ISRO is an organization established by the Government of India, which provides space-related activities to India, which gives us the internal and external information and security of space.

You will be very happy to know that due to the efforts of ISRO, India has become the sixth country in the world, which can manufacture satellite and other equipment and install it in space itself.

ISRO is headquartered in Bangalore in India.

In addition, it has 6 major centers across the country.

ISRO full form
ISRO full form

You are aware that in the year 2019, ISRO successfully launched Chandrayaan-2, whose full credit goes to ISRO and its scientists.

This is the reason that has made ISRO among the top 5 largest internal agencies in the world.

You will be very surprised to know that so far ISRO has sent more than 370 satellites into space, of which 101 are for India and 269 for overseas.

What is ISRO?

ISRO is India’s Space Research Institute, one of the world’s leading and successful space research centers.

ISRO makes many different types of advanced satellites for India and places them in space.

The different types of satellites that ISRO has created are Broadcast Communication, Weather Forecast, Geographic Information, Distance Education, Telemedicine, Communication, etc.

This space institute has been established with the aim of taking India forward by using space technology.

Today India is overtaking many developed countries in the field of communication, it is the hard work of ISRO itself.

ISRO has also greatly helped in advancing India’s defense technology and being dependent on itself.

The success of ISRO can be gauged from the fact that many developed countries have their satellite installed in space through ISRO.

History of ISRO

ISRO was founded on 15 August 1969,

And at a time when India was facing many difficulties, even a big forward-thinking scientist like Vikram Sarabhai is credited with its inception.

India built its first satellite in 1975, named Aryabhata, but due to not having its own launchpad system, it was installed in space by the Soviet Union.

In 1980, India installed a satellite called Rohini in space with its launch pad system and gave a message to the world that India is going to do a lot of new things in space in the coming times.

ISRO Satellite Programs

Following are some of the major and famous space programs of ISRO-

  • INSAT Series
  • IRS Series
  • Radar Imaging Satellite
  • South Asia Satellite
  • Gagan Satellite Navigation System
  • IRNSS Satellite Navigation System

ISRO’s successful space programs

ISRO has a long story of success, and except for a few people, most of ISRO’s programs have been successful.
Following is the list of some of the major ISRO successful programs-

The first Indian satellite Aryabhata was launched into space on 19 April 1975.

This marked a milestone in India’s space program, as it was designed entirely within the country.

In 2008, the first lunar mission of Chandrayaan-1 in India was launched by PSLV.

Let us tell you that after its launch, a list of space organizations was made to send ISRO to another within the moon.

India’s first interplanetary mission to Mars was launched in 2014.

India became the first country in the world to include a spacecraft in the orbit of Mars in its first attempt.


Some failed ISRO space programs

Unfortunately, some of ISRO’s space programs have also failed, which are explained below-

  • Rohini technology payload was launched on 10 August 1979 but failed
  • The INSAT 1A was launched in 1982 and lost contact in 1983.
  • ASLV was also not successful
  • Mangalyaan 2 also failed due to some disturbances in the last phase.

Is NASA better than ISRO?

We cannot confirm this from any one aspect.

Please inform you that NASA is a space administration agency, while ISRO is considered a research agency.

NASA manages all space projects by purchasing the necessary materials for the construction of satellites and rockets from outside agencies.

Talking about ISRO, it develops rockets and satellites by everyone in its organization and its subsidiary.

There is also a big difference in the annual budget of the two institutions.

Let us tell you that NASA’s annual budget is 1218.34 billion dollars, while India’s ISRO budget is 90.94 billion which is estimated.

Most of the discoveries made by NASA have been completely successful while speaking of ISRO, many of the first launches made by ISRO were also unsuccessful.

NASA’s technology study is moderately advanced compared to the technology that ISRO uses.

Successful missions of ISRO include Chandrayaan-1, Mars vehicle 1, PSLV c37, etc.

Talking about NASA’s achievements, it includes Pioneer, Bye Jain, and Baking, etc.

So we can say that NASA is slightly ahead of ISRO in the space race

But the speed with which ISRO is moving, soon we can expect that this day will be the world’s largest and successful space agency.


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