What is the full form of IEC ?

IEC Full Form: international Electro-technical commission, Importer – Exporter code

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IEC is a famous acronym having many famous full forms.

Here we are discussing the two most famous full forms of IEC. One IEC full form is related to standards and another IEC full form is related to trading in India.

IEC in standards

The full form of IEC is the international Electro-technical commission which is a non-profit organization that creates and publishes agreement based international standards as well as manages the valuation systems for all kinds’ electrical, electronic and related technologies that are together recognised as the term “Electrotechnology”.

The International Electrotechnical Commission works as a foundation for national standardization. This International Electrotechnical commission also works as references and drafts various International Contracts and tenders etc.

IEC full form
IEC full form

About IEC

Different types of electronic and electrical technologies need a standard to work in a structure and extend their system because today these electrical and electronic technologies are common to use. So to provide a standard authentication the International electrotechnical commission was formed on 26th June 1906 to provide compromised International standards. English and French are two core languages for the International Electrotechnical Commission.

The international electrotechnical commission is formed of different member countries. These members are from different areas of the work and collectively represent the electrotechnical internet of their businesses, regulatory bodies as well as educational institutes etc.

The international electrotechnical commission has an affiliate country program to approach new countries. The international electrotechnical commission promotes the importance of standardization in the world and produces joint publications through cooperation with the international regional and national partners.

Process of IEC

The international electrotechnical commission is a governing document that includes its Statutes and Procedures. This includes the rights and responsibilities of different member national committees, management boards and IEC officers etc.

Directives of IEC describes the whole procedure or process of technical work, structure rules and its drafting of international standards etc.

IEC values

Below are the core values that the international electrotechnical commission works upon –

The international electrotechnical commission focus to promote trade and economic growth and development.

IEC encourages systems, safe services, products, efficient and environmentally friendly development.

IEC values to provide service to the world markets by standardization and agreement work for all electronics and electrical or related technologies etc.


What is IEC certification?

The international electrotechnical commission provides a certificate for a standardized approach for testing. Testing by IEC conjuncts the agreed-upon rules, terminology which let manufacturers have their devices for agreement and specifications etc.

 What is the IEC code?

IEC code is an electric code that is kind of like a set of rules and regulations for the design and installation process of particular electrical wiring in a building. This is an attempt of IEC to balance wiring standards among their member countries.

What is the IEC code in electrical?

IEC code in electrical is an incomplete list of a different standard that is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission or IEC.

the second famous full form of IEC is the Importer-Exporter code.

IEC full form in trade

IEC full form in trade is the Importer – Exporter code which is a key identifier for the import-export-trading business in India. The Importer exporter code is a number which is compulsory for all export-import process in India like import in India and export from India.


What is the fee for the IEC code?

To get the import exporter code fee is Rs. 250 in India.

How do I check my IEC status?

To check the status of the importer-exporter code application one can access it from the DGFT website through an online application. Go to IEC and then the “Know your IEC Status” section.

To check the status of the import-export code status enter your PAN number along with the first three letters of your firm name and get the status of your IEC code.

Who can apply for IEC?

Any company or individual who wants to do international business can apply to get their IEC or import-export code. If you are an individual applying for IEC then you can use either the name of your company or just your own name directly.

to apply for this you have to visit the DGFT website.

Some other full forms of IEC

IEC- Inter Exchange Carrier- in computing

IEC- Infused emitter Coupling- in Electronics

IEC- Internet Easy Chat- in internet chatting

IEC- Institute of Energy Conversion- in Academics and colleges

Similar full forms

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