What is the full form of DRDO ?

DRDO Full Form: Defense research and development organization

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DRDO meaning or Full form is Defense research and development organization.

It is an organization fully functioning under the Department of Defense Research and Development of the Ministry of Defense, which was established in 1958 in New Delhi.

Let us tell you that the main objective of DRDO is to work towards making the country self-sufficient in terms of world-class competitive weapon systems according to the requirements of the three defense services.

Primarily, DRDO has a major responsibility, manufacturing modern weapons and carrying out new research is considered as one of the main responsibility of DRDO.

Drdo full form
DRDO full form


DRDO has been providing new strength to the country through its technological changes.

Where more than 5000 scientists and more than twenty-five thousand employees are working towards innovation.

DRDO is continuously developing missiles, weapons, light combat aircraft, radars as well as many electronic warfare systems, through which the military is strengthened.

Apart from this, let me tell you that when needed, it equips the army with all the facilities that the army needs in time.

Role of DRDO in Indian Defense Department

This organization is fully under the control of the Ministry of Defense, Government of India, which carries out research and development work in its 52 laboratories.

Its task is to try to develop defense technology covering various areas, which is related to the global level.

The DRDO has played an important role in providing modern weaponry to the Indian Army’s three wings of water and air.

Today, the DRDO is able to fulfill a large part of the weapon requirement of the Indian Army in its own country.
Due to which the expenditure on the defense of India has reduced to a great extent.

And today DRDO is so capable that India has started selling arms to other countries.

It can be quite interesting for you to know that these days DRDO has partially shifted its role as a designer of weapons and technology manufacturers.

What is the DRDO exam?

To get a job to DRDO you have to go through various exams and procedures only then you can get inside DRDO.

You may have to apply for recruitment in DRDO through GATE or CEPTAM exam.

Apart from this, DRDO also conducts its own exam for many posts.

Some objective questions are asked in its examinations for which time has been set.

On the other hand, the DRDO exam is conducted in two phases, in which the first phase is the Ritan exam followed by the interview.

Your final selection is done through an interview.

This exam is of full 3 hours, which is of 500 marks, in which a total of 150 objective questions are asked.

It can be quite important for you to know that you have to use your general awareness, positivity, confidence and general science completely right here.

Jobs in DRDO

Any student who is willing to work in DRDO can apply for the following post-

# 1. Junior Research Fellowship

#2. Research Associate

# 3. Construction engineer

# 4.Aprentice

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