What is the full form of CSO ?

CSO Full Form: Central Statistics Office

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The full form of CSO is the Central Statistics Office which is an Indian governmental organization or agency. The central statistics office comes under the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation. The CSO has a well=equipped graphical unit.

The main purpose of the central statistics office co-ordinates statistical activities in India. The central statistics office of India is responsible for evolving and maintaining statistical standards.

CSO full form
CSO full form

About CSO

The central statistics office of India is a government administrative body located in New Delhi. Some of the parts of the central statistical office industrial statistics operate pertaining to an annual survey in industries. This is carried out in Calcutta, India. The survey and operations of central statistics deal with data in the static form related to different departments of government.

The central statistics office was formed on 2 May 1951 as a Central statistical institute and central statistical organization by the government of India.

Activities of CSO

As a statistical organization, the CSO works in the data-keeping department of government. The main activities and purpose of CSO moves around the coordination of statics and managing statics standard in the country. These are the main activities and operations by the central statistics organization –

  • National Income accounting
  • Organizing the annual survey of industries
  • Compilation of index of industrial production
  • Economic censuses
  • Follow up surveys of economic censuses
  • Consumer price indices for urban non-manual employees
  • Gender statistics
  • Human development statistics
  • Imparting training in official statistics
  • Five-year plan work associated with the development of statistics in the union territories and states of India
  • Revision of national industrial classification
  • Environment statistics
  • Energy statistics
  • Construction data and statistics
  • Dissemination of statistical information

CSO organisation

Like other organizations, CSO also has an organizational and administrative structure.

The central statistical office is headed by the Director-General and their other five assistant director generals along with four deputy director generals.

Apart from this the CSO organization is managed by six joint directors, seven special task officers and approx. thirty deputy directors. CSO organization includes 48 assistants’ directors along with other supporting staff.

CSO history

The CSO was formed as a part of the cabinet secretariat along with having co-ordination and advisory functions.

It was established on 2 May 1951 as the central statistical institute which later was changed to the central statistical organization when CSI merged with CSO in 1954. Later on, CSO again changed its name from the central statistical organization to the central statistics office.

 CSO functions

These are the main functions of the central statics office –

  • Compilation of National accounts statics NAS
  • State directorates of economy and statistics DESs compile state domestic products and other aggregates
  • CSO plays an advisory role in statistical matters
  • CSO provides national statistics to UN
  • CSO attends statistical work of five-year plans and collaborates with the planning commission
  • CSO with planning commission has expanded raining features for statistics personnel.
  • CSO compiles and publishes national income statistics.
  • CSO conducts the annual survey of industries and publishes survey result.


What is the function of CSO?

The main function of the central statistical office includes providing advisory services to other statics related agencies in India and to the government, working with the planning commission to make statistical planning for the country, keeping up public relations with international statistical bodies, organizing, preparing and publishing national accounts statistics, conduction economic census and training statistical personal, conducting surveys of industrial and other administrative organizations, industrial statistics etc.

Who is the minister of statistics in the Indian government?

The agency executives of the Ministry of statistics in India is – Rao Inderjit Singh. The Ministry of statics and programme implementation administration the central statistical office in India. The ministry of statics and programme implementation is run by the government of India.

Who is CSO in finance?

CSO in finance stands for common stock outstanding and common shares outstanding. In finance, CSO is related to investment and stocks which is the number of shares of common stock that have been issued as well as owned by the investors.

Some other famous full forms of CSO

CSO- Civil Society Organization- in society

CSO- Chief Scientific Officer- in occupation and position

CSO- Computer Security Officer- in computing

CSO-  Computer System Operation- in general computing

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