What is the full form of OPD ?

OPD Full Form: OutPatient Department

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OPD (OPD) means or full form is OutPatient Department.

You must have noticed that every hospital has a separate department of OPD, which is considered to be the first state of contact between the patient and the hospital staff.

If any patient first enters the hospital, then he is taken to the OPD (Outpatient Department) department.

Then according to the condition of the patient, the OPD staff decides which department the patient should go to.

The OPD department of a hospital consists of the orthopedics department, neurology department, gynecology department.

If the patient’s condition is not seen to improve from here, then he is shifted to ICU.


As you can often see, in every hospital, the OPD department is made on the ground floor, so that patients can be made well.

For this, it is extremely important that an OPD employee should be highly skilled, as this department serves as a mirror of the hospital’s functions.

If we explain this in easy terms, then when a person goes to the hospital to get treatment from a doctor, but he comes back after consulting the doctor, that process is called OPD.

Primarily, it is the department of the hospital, where any patients get medical counseling and other services easily.

How important is OPD?

OPD proves to be very important and helpful for patients.

This decision is taken only after the patient arrives in the OPD, how is the patient’s condition?

And he has to be admitted, or let the patient go home only after treatment for OPD.

Here, the patient who is the most serious is sent for further procedure or treatment.

There is a limit to how many patients can be treated in any hospital.
OPD plays an important role there because many patients whose condition is not very critical can go home after treatment with OPD.

If seen, OPD is like an alternative personal therapy, which brings cleanliness in the hospital environment.

What is the difference between OPD and IPD?

We have already informed you that OPD (Outpatient Department) is where

Patients who require only consultation with a doctor specialist are treated.

But let us tell you that IPD hospital refers only to those areas where patients are admitted after deciding their medical condition on the basis of doctor specialist.

People with health problems who go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment but do not need to be admitted from anywhere or do not even need to stay in the hospital go to OPD.

But in the same case, in IPD patients go to those who have to be admitted due to serious medical problems, and have to stay in the hospital.

In fact, all patients who are under IPD are allowed to stay in the hospital due to serious illness.


you can visit the WHO website for more health Related Information.

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