What is the full form of ICU ?

ICU Full Form: Intensive care Unit

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ICU (ICU) means or full form is the Intensive Care Unit.

Each hospital has an ICU facility.

Let us tell you that the ICU is a different type of department, which works to provide intensive treatment &  medicine to any patient.

The ICU is quite useful in caring for patients suffering from a serious injury, illness or disease.

It is generally observed that if the patient’s condition continues to worsen, he is equipped for ICU therapy.

Each hospital has an ICU bed of about 20 to 30%.



If a person has to undergo a major operation or surgery, he is kept in the ICU ward in consultation with a doctor.

ICU is a ward of a hospital in which the patient is very well looked after,

In which all facilities are provided to the patients so that their deteriorated health can be rectified as soon as possible.

When a person’s kidney fails or there is a serious problem in which the vital part of his body stops working, then that patient is kept in ICU.

List of equipment required for ICU

In ICU, some important equipment is kept so that the patients are not disturbed in any way so that the patient can be helped in every way.

All equipment in the ICU proves to be quite necessary.

# 1. Ventilator

It is considered quite effective when the machine is used, when a patient is having trouble breathing or when the patient is not even able to breathe.

#2. Feeding tube

This process is used to deliver food to the patient’s body.

Along with this, this method also proves very useful for removing food from the body of the patient.

# 3. ECG box

It is considered to be such a simple tool that the doctor very easily gets more than 1 information about the diseases of the patient in the ICU.

# 4. Dialysis

The use of this device is called the process of removing blood from the patient’s body, cleaning it and re-entering it into the body.

# 5. Pulse oximeter

If the doctor has to measure the level of oxygen in the patient’s body, this device is used.

Let me tell you that this machine is applied in the patient’s fingers.

During, which diseases the ICU is needed?

Patients who require close monitoring.

There are many patients in the hospital who need to be closely monitored. This includes favorable ventilation, temperature, nutrition and metabolism to the patient.

All these reasons are considered to be quite important, which can drastically improve the patient’s chances of survival.

* Patients with lung diseases

Patients whose lungs become inflamed due to injury or infection, and who have difficulty breathing.

However, ventilation support is maintained in the ICU for patients.

In situations such as these, it is very important that the patient be assisted to breathe with the help of a ventilator.

* Patients with cardiac problems

This category includes people who are suffering from high blood pressure, or who have just had a heart attack.

These require more care in the ICU.

More important, these critical patients are admitted to the ICU to ensure that wrongdoing can happen to the patient’s health.

* Patients with severe infections

If seen, these patients usually require ICU care, patients who have suffered a severe virus infection.

He is often admitted to the ICU for intensive care.

These may, or may not be viral infections, but should be treated in the ICU as a priority.

Is ICU serious?

This is serious, as it is very useful for those who need serious care, Which are constantly monitored.

Sometimes patients are admitted to the ICU as a precaution.

The most important thing in an ICU is the availability of a nurse for the patient.

Who can take good care of the patient.

That should inform you that a major reason for ICU getting serious is that it brings the patient’s condition from severe to normal.

The patient requires close observation and more care. Especially those whose condition is very critical.


So, friends, I hope that this article about the ICU full form was able to give you the right information.

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For a lot of health-related information, you can also visit the WHO website.

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