What is the full form of EDD ?

EDD Full Form: Estimated date of delivery

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The full form of EDD Is the Estimated date of delivery or the estimated due date and due date.

Estimated date of delivery or estimated due date is a term that describes the estimated or calculated supposed delivery date or time for a pregnant woman.

EDD or estimated delivery date is the due date when doctors accept the child delivery of that woman. Normally the EDD lasts between 37 weeks to 42 weeks.

EDD full form
EDD full form

EDD is also known as the expected date of confinement where confinement is a traditional term that refers to the period of pregnancy when a royal woman would withdraw from society in medieval and be confined to their rooms with midwives.

EDD Calculation methods

The estimation of EDD is a process and there are many methods to calculate the estimated date of delivery. The estimated due date is calculated in two steps –

First, the time point to be used is determined as the origin for the estimated age. Here this estimated starting point is the woman’s last normal menstrual period (LMP) or the corresponding time that is estimated by a more accurate method. In these methods, the 14 days to a known duration from the time of fertilization is added.

The second step of EDD calculation is where the estimated age at childbirth is added to the above time period. Normally the childbirth happens at an estimated age of 280 days or 40 weeks. This is the time period of childbirth is generally used as a standard estimation for individual pregnancies.

In this two-step of EDD calculation, it is required to calculate the estimation of gestational age, estimation of gestational age at childbirth etc.

Estimation of gestational age

 These are the steps to calculate the estimation of gestational age –

  • Calculate the days since the start of the last menstrual period directly.
  • Comparison of the size of a foetus of a reference group of pregnancies of known gestational age. If this gestational age calculated from an early ultrasound is not matching then still the ultrasound estimated age is used for the rest of pregnancy instead of the calculated age from the last menstrual period.
  • If there in vitro fertilization then days from incubation is calculated by adding extra 14 days.

Estimation of gestational age at childbirth

The estimated age at childbirth is generally 40 weeks or 280 days and this is often used as the standard estimation for any individual pregnancies.


How is EDD calculated?

This is the common method of calculating of Estimated delivery date –

  • Determine the first day of the last menstrual period.
  • Then count 3 calendar months from that first date.
  • In the last add 1 year and 7 days to the date you got.

What is EDD AUA?

The estimated due date LMP is the last menstrual period date and AUA is the real ultrasound date. EDD AUA is the due date for delivery that is based on the most recent ultrasound report. Normally EDD AUA is 1 to 8 days ahead of EDD LMP.

Which EDD is more accurate?

The most accurate Estimated due date is considered the one you get on the earlier ultrasound. Ultrasounds that are performed while the first 12 weeks of pregnancy are normally within 3 to 5 days of accuracy. However, the most accurate time of EDD is considered between 8 and 11 weeks of gestation.

What is EDD banking?

In banking, EDD stands for Enhanced due diligence which is a procedure to monitor and analysing customers or customer transactions that pose a larger risk of money laundering as well as terrorist financing to that particular institution such as the business owner.

What is an EDD debit card?

The Enhanced due diligence or EDD system issues advantages payments for disability insurance, unemployment insurance and family leave by using a visa debit card. These EDD debit cards are a more secure and convenient way to get advantage payments.

Some other famous full forms of EDD

EDD- Employment Development Department- in Governmental and organizations

EDD- Enhanced Disk Drive- in computer Education

EDD- Electronic Direct Deposit

EDD- Enhanced Data Display

Similar full forms

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