What is the full form of ECG ?

ECG Full Form: Electro cardio diagram

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ECG (ECG) means or the full form of ECG is the Electro cardio diagram.

The ECG-Electro cardio diagram is in the form of a test, usually done to check the electrical activity of your heart.

Where it gives you information that normal electrical activity indicates to you that your heart is functioning normally.

It represents the electrical activity of the heart through the process as line tracing on paper, which looks like a wave.

ECG Full Form
ECG Full Form


If you have a heart problem or have any kind of problem, this procedure is done, which is considered a risk-free process.

This is done by placing electrodes at specific places on your body such as hands, feet or chest.

For information, let us tell you that before conducting ECG Electro cardio diagram test, you have to take special care that the day you have to do Electro cardio diagram,

On that day, do not apply any greasy cream or lotion on your body, because it is said that the electrode does not come in contact with the skin due to lubrication on the skin.

You should also know an important thing that do not drink cold water or exercise before doing the same process, because the electrical pattern may change during this test due to cold water.

Where exercise increases your heart rate, which can significantly affect your test results.

So it is very important for you to look into these things.

Why is ECG needed?

We need the ECG to explore these important things, which are considered important.

  • Wall thickness of the heart
  • Heart outgrowth
  • Abnormal heart rhythm
  • Heart attack in the past
  • Cholesterol accumulation due to chest pain
  • Diabetic, hypertensive person

the ECG is capable of recording a picture of the electrical activity of your heart, but this can only be possible at the time you are being monitored.

Through this process, everything related to your heart becomes known.

past heart attack, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, due to which you are struggling, then ECG is considered very important for your health.

Let us tell you that we need an ECG test to detect your stress test and heart activity.

Sometimes it is seen that a person has problems during exercise, which is also very likely to cause death.

We need an ECG- Electro cardio diagram test to deal with similar activities.

Where you can find out from this test how much stress or health a person is under.

Does ECG have any side effects?

This is very important information for you where you can tell that it is usually seen that, usually by doing ECG, there is no harm to the body, but after removing the parts of the body where electrodes are placed, there Swelling and rashes may occur.

Let me tell you that if you do not remove the electrode daily, then the halter monitor can cause irritation to your skin.

ECG is done to check the following-

Heart attack

ECG is done to check the possibility of Heart attack in any patient.

it is seen that the patients have a heart attack which hinders the flow of blood, due to which there is a lot of chance of lack of oxygen and death in the heart tissue.

Decreased heart size

This indicates that the valves of the heart are larger than each other, as well as this shows that the heart is working harder than usual to pep blood.

Differences in heart rate

Everyone knows that the heart usually beats in a balanced rhythm.

The ECG may reveal this change if the heartbeats in a sequence of out of beat.

Benefits of ECG

Often people have the impression that the ECG test is very expensive.

But let me tell you that there is nothing like this, neither it is too expensive, nor any kind of physical pain is felt while doing the test.

You can easily get this test done in any hospital within about 100 to ₹ 500, so in this way, we are going to tell you what are the benefits of ECG test: –

Heart’s Electric Access

You may not know this, but let me tell you, it is considered useful in determining the electric access of the heart and in diagnosing various heart problems.

Heart rate

It refers to the time by which a person’s heartbeats every minute.

It has a regular heart rate of between 60 and 80 for a male, while it is between 70 and 90 for women.

Heart check

It is a practice through which you can easily diagnose heart problems.

You can easily check whether your heart is healthy or not, by this process you can monitor your heart completely.

So friends, I hope that this article about ECG full form gives you complete information about ECG.

For more details about health topics, you can visit the WHO website.

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