What is the full form of COVID 19 ?

COVID 19 Full Form: Coronavirus Disease

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Covid 19 full form or meaning is Coronavirus Disease.

Covid 19  or coronavirus disease is a viral infection that can prove very dangerous if not treated properly.

The disease is similar to a normal viral infection, but the patient’s condition may worsen and even his death can occur without proper treatment.

The corona disease is also sometimes called the Novel Corona.

The disease was commonly found in animals and birds, but in December 2019, it was also confirmed in the human body in Wuhan city of China.

And the first patient was confirmed on 31 December 2019, hence the disease is also called Covid 19.

Previously WHO – World Health Organization declared it a medical emergency, but after seeing the magnitude of the disease, it has been declared an epidemic.

WHO declared CORONA as Pandemic
WHO declared CORONA as Pandemic

History of Covid 19 (Coronavirus disease)

The coronavirus was first confirmed in Wuhan city of China on 31 December 2019.

This disease spread from one person to another very easily and only in China, more than one lakh people got affected by this disease within 2 months.

To prevent the spread of the disease, the government also banned the eviction of people from the house.


what is Covid 19 (Coronavirus Disease)?

COVID-19 is a new type of infectious disease caused by a new virus called coronavirus.
The disease was discovered in December 2019 from Wuhan, China, and has since spread worldwide.

Coronaviruses are thought to have originated from animals and humans have been infected by contact with them.

When a person with coronavirus sneezes or coughs, the coronavirus passes from that patient’s body to another human in the form of small drops of water.

The person who suffers from this disease has difficulty in breathing along with high fever and body pain.

The patient also suffers from cold and cough during this disease along with fever.

Covid 19 Full Form
Covid 19 Full Form


This disease proves more dangerous for those patients who already have a serious illness such as sugar, aids, cancer, etc.

Most people who lost their lives due to this disease have been found to be older.

Meaning that when people above 50 years of age suffer from this disease, then their chance of death increases.

why this virus is called Corona?

The coronavirus is round in shape and RNA is found in it.

When we look at it with a microscope, it looks like a crown. Which has a spiked shape.

Due to being a crown shape, this virus is called coronavirus.


What is the treatment for Covid 19 disease?

There is no cure for coronavirus disease yet, only it can be prevented.

As a treatment for this disease, the doctor gives you medicine for normal viral infection.

If your immunity level is good, then you will be able to get out of this disease.

Some doctors in India have successfully treated some patients with AIDS medicine.

Symptoms and prevention of coronavirus

According to a report by WHO after conducting research on more than 70000 coronavirus victims in China, 88% of the patients had a fever while suffering from the corona virus, 68% of the patients had a dry cough, 38% of the patients felt tired. , And 33% of patients complained of mucus

Some patients suffering from the same corona also complained of breathlessness and some also complained of throat pain.

WHO has been advised to wash hands repeatedly with soap to prevent this disease, if soap and water are not available, then hand sanitizer can also be used.

If you do not touch your face repeatedly with your hand, then you can avoid this disease to a great extent.

The mortality rate of this disease is very close to about 2 percent, but what makes this disease more dangerous is that it can spread from one person to another very quickly.
And one person with this disease can transfer this disease to thousands of people.


why this coronavirus disease is called as Covid 19?

As the coronavirus disease also called Covid was first tested in December 2019, it is also called Covid 19.


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