What is the full form of BMI ?

BMI Full Form: Body Mass Index

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BMI means or the full form of BMI is Body Mass Index.

You can know this as a formula that is effective for weight determination, as people usually do not know how much their weight should be.

Where you can easily find out how much weight you need according to your body.

How low your weight is, or how much extra it is, shows how your body is giving you signals.

If your BMI- Body mass index is not correct, then understand that you are at risk of diseases like diabetes, stroke and high blood pressure.

Let us tell you by example that their body mass index for Indians should not be more than 22.1.

BMI Full Form
BMI Full Form

The expected weight of any young person’s body according to its length is considered correct because it keeps your body structure right.

So it is very important for you to know that before you become overweight or obese you can control your weight or else it can be a risky situation.

BMI categories

The biggest question that arises in people’s mind is how much body Indus should be there so that, we can know whether we are healthy or not

If the body mass index is less than 18.5: –

If your body mass index is less than 18.5 based on your height and weight, then understand that your weight is less than normal.

And you are advised to try to increase it.

Body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9: –

If your body mass index level is between 18.5 to 24.9 then it is considered a very correct situation,

Because in this situation your weight stays perfectly fit, and all you need to do is to maintain it always.

 Body mass index above 25: –

If your body mass index is 25 or above, then you should be cautious from here,

Because let me tell you that in this situation you are more likely to have diabetes 2, heart disease.

While having a body mass index greater than 30, be prepared for all the side effects of obesity.

How is the body mass index calculated?

The easiest way to calculate BMI- Body mass index, we tell you as an example that if you weigh 65 kg and length is 5.2 feet i.e. 1.58496 meters, then you can calculate your body mass index by 65 / 1.5 8496 × 1.5 8496.

The result will be your body mass index.

Apart from this, let you also know that you can measure your height in inches by using lace to measure body mass index.

For this, you just stand directly near the wall and with the help of pencil put a mark on the wall near your head, then you can easily measure its length.

you should also know that you can choose Skinfold Thickness Measurement underwater weighing and bioelectrical impedance analysis as an option for more accurate measurement.

But you have to know that all these methods are not easily available and are also very expensive.

Where you can get the estimation from a body composition analysis machine instead.

BMI- Body mass index is not always the best way to decide whether you need to lose weight or not.

If you have more or less muscle than normal, your body mass index is how much fat your body has

It can easily and accurately measure which gives you the right result.

What is a normal BMI?

According to the Standard of the Indian Health Ministry, when the body mass index is less than 23, normal is above 30, overweight and more than 25, then women with this body mass index are placed in the category of obesity.

the body mass index is different for men and women and it can be considered 100% correct.

For its scale, there are only weight and height while bodyweight content and muscles are not content.

As you know, a woman has more fat on her body than men, but if seen, the body mass index is the same.

You can control yourself on your weight by keeping an eye on body mass index.

If you are overweight or overweight, control obesity first.

If your body mass index is good, then with the help of a nutritious diet and exercise, you can increase your weight later.

If your body mass index shows you a healthy weight, then it is necessary to take a waist measurement.

If your waist is more than 80 centimeters then you are more at risk of suffering from health-related problems.

Body mass Index
Body mass index


So, friends, I hope that this article about BMI full form was able to provide you good information about BMI i.e. Body Mass Index.

If you want to read this article in BMI full form in Hindi, then you can click on the English version of this website.

For much important information related to health, you can visit the WHO website.


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