What is the full form of RTI ?

RTI Full Form: RIght to information

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RTI full form or meaning is Right to information.

RTI i.e. Right to Information is an important right given to the citizens of India under the freedom to speak and know, under which an Indian citizen can ask any information about any government department of India.

Any Indian citizen can ask any type of question from any public authority under the Government of India and the State Governments, and it is mandatory for that public authority to answer that question correctly.

A public information officer has been appointed in every office, who responds to any type of information, within 30 days.

Under the RTI Act, non-governmental organizations also come who receive financial assistance from the government.


History of RTI

The Indian Parliament passed the Freedom of Information Act in 2002, under which people were given any information related to government work.
In 2005, this law was changed in the Indian Parliament to the Right to Information Act.

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