What is the full form of FIR ?

FIR Full Form: First Information Report

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Fir full form or meaning is First Investigating Report.

FIR is an acronym related to the police investigation procedure. FIR refers to the First Information Report.

As the name suggests it is the first written document where the victim (or someone on behalf of the victim) gives information about the crime or offence to the police officer.

It is written by the police basis on the filed complaint. Here Police have the authority to arrest the criminal without any warrant only on the base of FIR.

FIR is the beginning point of investigation from the police. Without an FIR Police do not process the inquiry.

Here are main things mentioned in an FIR –

  • Number of the FIR
  • Place and Time of offence
  • Name of the person who files FIR
  • Name or Description of criminal
  • Description of complainer
FIR full form
FIR full form

FIR rule

 To file an FIR here are few rules for the complainer and the Police officer writing the FIR-

  • It is not necessary for the victim themselves complain about the offence
  • The FIR can be filed by anyone who is consciously aware of the crime
  • A police officer has no right to deny to file FIR
  • If the police officer comes to know about the crime they too can file the FIR

What is the procedure to lodge an FIR?

 To lodge or register an FIR the complainer has to follow the below steps –

  • Visit the nearest police station to the place where offence or crime took place
  • You can give information in both ways orally or written. If it is a verbal complaint the authority must turn it into written format
  • The police authority is responsible to put this information on FIR record book
  • Police authority is responsible to give a copy of the FIR to the complainer
  • Police will start the investigation as soon as they put the FIR on records

So these are few simple steps to file an FIR by visiting a police station.



What is the Zero FIR?

 Sometimes it happens that the complainer or victim is not able to provide information to the police station in the crime location. Either way, they might not be able to access their nearest police station where the offence took place.

In this case, they can lodge the FIR in any police station and this is called Zero FIR. No police officer or authority of that police branch has the right to deny to write a Zero FIR otherwise they will be punished by law.

This is Zero FIR because it gets transferred to the related police branch or to the jurisdictional authority later on.

What if the police refuge to lodge FIR?                        

 It is a right to netizens by the constitutional law so no police authority has the right to deny to file an FIR.

But if in any case, a police officer rejects to lodge FIR on irrational reason, you can complain it to the higher-ranked police officer. If even that police authority rejects it then you can lodge your FIR to the judicial officer. On the ground of your complaint, this magistrate will order the police to register your FIR if they find it important.

When it comes to punishment then this denial of filing FIR can cost 1 year of imprisonment for the police officials.

What happens when an FIR is filed?

 Once an FIR is registered this is what the process starts as –

  1. If it is not a Zero FIR then that police authority will start the investigation immediately
  2. The police will analyse if it’s worth to investigate the case. If it’s just a few rupees or no-harm cases police might not process the investigation.
  3. Police proceed the FIR to a magistrate and report him to review the offence
  4. Here the magistrate orders another investigation concerning FIR
  5. In the investigation process, any person who gives a statement is required to sign it
  6. If the judge is satisfied with the ultimate investigation report they can issue their command or order

Interesting facts about FIR?

  • When it comes to assessing the FIR common sense is needed to analyze and criticize it.
  • If the reported offender or criminal who is proposed in FIR is a public figure such as – celebrity, public servant, politician, etc. they will go through a preliminary examination.
  • The FIR is not meant to write in story or plot format but how the incident happened in motion

Some other famous full forms of FIR

FIR- finite impulse Response- in electronics

FIR- Field Interrogation Report- in Police


Similar full forms-

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