What is the full form of ED ?

ED Full Form: Enforcement Directorate

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The full form of ED is Enforcement Directorate which is an economic intelligence organization.

The enforcement directorate implements laws of economics and defends against the financial crimes in the nation.

The enforcement directorate works under the Department of Revenue of the Ministry of Finance of the Indian government.

The Enforcement Directorate is responsible for the enforcement of the Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 (FEMA) as well as certain other provisions under the Prevention of Money-laundering (PML) Act of the Indian government.

ED full form
ED full form

Enforcement Directorate operates the work related to investigation and prosecution of cases under the PML (Prevention of Money-laundering) etc.

ED history

 The enforcement Directorate organization was formed and established in 1956 in New Delhi. Enforcement Directorate has man different regional offices in Mumbai, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kolkata etc.

apart from headquarters in New Delhi. The Enforcement Directorate also has many subzone based offices in different cities also. The enforcement directorate is combined with the officers from the Indian revenue service, Indian corporate law service, Indian police service and Indian administrative service.

ED objectives

The enforcement directorate works to achieve certain goals and objectives in economics such as –

  • The enforcement directorate aims to enforce two major Indian government laws such as the FEMA 1999 and PMLA 2002 etc. This is the primary objective of ED.
  • The official website of the Directorate of enforcement list some other targets that are especially related to fighting against money laundering in India.
  • The enforcement directorate works as the investigative body in particular and the release of full information on the public domain is contrary to GOI guidelines.

ED operations

The operations and work processes of the enforcement directorate are as below –

  • ED adjudicates cases related to former FERA 1973 and FEMA 1999 violations.
  • The ED intelligence organization reports are provided from various sources such as the State and intelligence departments, grievances etc. to collect, establish and disseminate information associated with the FEMA violations, 1999.
  • ED examines suspected violations of the FEMA 1999 regulations that includes acts such as Hawala foreign exchange racketeering, non-realization of export proceeds, non-repatriation of the international trade and other forms of FEMA violations, 1999 etc.
  • ED carries out the fines that were levied after the adjudication.
  • ED is responsible for appeals and legal proceedings under the former FERA 1973 handling.
  • ED operates the investigations, searches, convictions, lawsuits, inspections etc. against PMLA suspects.
  • Enforcement directorate provide and obtain joint legal support from contracting states related to removal of illegal activity and also the transfer of alleged criminals under PMLA.


What are ED and CBI?

 ED stands for Enforcement Directorate while CBI stands for the central investigation Bureau.

What is ED work?

 The Enforcement of Directorate or ED works as the law enforcement agency or organization and economic intelligence organization.

Enforcement Directorate intelligence organization is responsible to enforce economic laws and fights economic crimes in India.

The enforcement directorate also works as part of the Department of Revenue under the Ministry of Finance of the Government of India.

Who is powerful ED or CBI?

CBI or the central bureau of Investigation is the primary investigation police agency in India while the Enforcement Directorate is mainly related to checking money laundering cases and Investigation in India.

 What is ED in money laundering?

ED or enforcement directorate investigates economic matters such as the money laundering cases in India.

What is the ED number?

 The enforcement directorate numbers mean the ERIC documents and EJ numbers means ERIC journal articles. ERIC documents s can be located through their ED number in the Microforms Department in Hillman Library.

What is ED in mental health?

 ED in psychology or mental health stands for Erectile Dysfunction which is caused by psychological triggers.

Erectile dysfunctions are referred to as psychological impotence. Stress, anxiety, relationship problems are some of the major reasons for this type of Erectile Dysfunction.

Some other famous full forms of ED

ED- Economic development- in terms of Economics studies

ED- Executive Director- A Higher position in a Different kind of Business

ED- Emergency Department- in Medical Field

ED- Early Deployment- in computer networking

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