What is the full form of VPS ?

VPS Full Form: Virtual Private Server

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VPS full form or meaning is Virtual Private Server.

A Virtual Private Server is a virtual machine sold by the Internet Hosting Service Provider.

in simple words, a virtual server is a server that is created by virtually dividing a powerful physical server through a digital medium.

So hosting space is given to many people on the same server by digitally dividing and the space which is allocated for every server here does not make any difference to the other virtual part.

So it means to say that the different space allocated on the same physical server, works differently.
That’s why it is called a virtual private server, meaning a lot of traffic on one client’s website will not affect the hosting of the other VPS client.

VPS full form
VPS full form

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS)?

To understand Virtual Private Server well, first, we understand the specifics of the server.

Server or hosting is the physical space where we store our website and its data.

The needs of every website and client are different, that is why there are many types of servers or hosting.

some famous hosting types are-

Shared hosting

in Shared hosting, the same physical server is shared with hundreds or thousands of users.
Meaning if you buy shared hosting to host your website, then your hosting provider will put your website on the same server and in the same space, where many other clients will also have websites.

so in this type of server, all clients use the key resources of that particular server, such as CPU, RAM and Disk space.

This causes many problems, such as if a client’s website has a lot of visitors, then the other client’s website will also become slow.
and also the issue of security as shared hosting is not highly secure.

But the advantage of shared hosting is that it is much cheaper, and people who are building a new website or are new to the digital field, can start with shared hosting.

this is entry-level hosting, low cost and effective for beginners, having low customization options.

Further in this article,  explained in detail which company’s shared hosting can be better to take in the beginning.

Dedicated Server Hosting

We also call dedicated server hosting as private server hosting. In this type of hosting, one server is given to one client.

If you try to understand it in simple language, then a dedicated server is a computer whose access is given to only one client, and all its resources such as CPU, RAM, disk space are used by only one client for itself.

No sharing of server and resources in Dedicated Server Hosting.

The security of the dedicated server is of high level, and as any other client does not have access to the server, so the security problem remains very very little.
But a dedicated server is expensive, and only one type of operating system can be run on it, such as windows or Linux, only one can run on it at a time.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

So now you have got an idea about shared hosting and dedicated hosting, then you can understand that all those people who want to move beyond shared hosting but cannot afford dedicated hosting because of its cost, then A very great solution was brought to them in the form of Virtual Private Server.

in a virtual private server, a physical server is separated into several virtual machines or servers using digital methods.

When a physical server is divided into several parts, CPU, RAM and disk space are allocated for each part through digital means.

so when the server is separated into several small parts, the digital method used here make sure that each of these separated servers or hosting completely works separately.

So, for many people whose needs are not very big in this way, the benefit of dedicated hosting is made available for them at a low cost.

So even in a Virtual Private Server, you get all the benefits of dedicated hosting but the bandwidth and CPU are less as compared to dedicated hosting.
The security of VPS is also of high level.

Each virtual private server (VPS) has its own operating system that is completely separate from other VPS’s.

Basically, VPS comes in two configurations, Single Server VPS and Cloud VPS.

5 Best Hosting & VPS Providers




The shared hosting plans start at 79 Rupees per month for a Single website

The VPS plans start at 285 Rupees per month- Click Here to purchase

The Cloud Hosting plans start at 799 per month


The shared hosting plans start at

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The Cloud Hosting plans start at

A2 Hosting

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Hosting Raja

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Blue Host

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Big Rock Hosting

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Benefits of VPS Hosting

VPS Costs Less-

In VPS i.e. Virtual Private Server, you get more features for less cost, because the network facility, server management cost, and physical hardware is shared with other virtual private server clients.

VPS is Easily upgradable

In a Virtual Private Server, you have the option to upgrade anytime, you do not need to shift to another server, on the same private server you can add more resources like bandwidth and RAM etc.

VPS gives you Maximum performance and freedom

In VPS hosting, your hosting company allocates your hardware and other resources according to your plan.

Due to this, you get maximum performance and stability.

you also get the freedom to install any kind of software on your virtual private server and also you can make technical settings at your convenience.

VPS Benefits
VPS Benefits

Maximum number of websites

With VPS hosting, you can host as many websites as you want on your server, yes here you have to take care of only the website visitors, as soon as the visitors to your website exceed your plan, you have to upgrade your VPS


what is managed and unmanaged VPS?

Whenever we buy any hosting from any company, we have to do many types of technical settings and data transfer.

If you buy a managed VPS, then the employees of that hosting provider will take care of all your technical parts.

Meaning you just have to pay and their employees will do all the technical things for you, but if you buy unmanaged hosting then you have to do all the settings and data transfer yourself.

that is why people who do not have good technical knowledge are advised to buy managed web hosting only.

Some other famous full forms of VPS

VPS- Vacuolar Protein Sorting- in medical

VPS- Video Programming System- in news and Media

VPS- Visual Plant System- in Business

Similar full forms

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