What is the full form of TCS ?

TCS Full Form: Tata Consultancy Services, Tax Collected at Source

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TCS is a famous Acronym having many famous full forms.

here we are going to Discuss two very famous full forms of TCS.

the first one is in the IT field- Tata Consultancy Services

and the 2nd one is in the field of income tax- Tax collection at source

TCS full form – Tata consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is India’s largest multinational information technology company.

The Tata group company has its head office in Mumbai and has 149 offices in 46 cities of the world.

TCS i.e. Tata Consultancy Services today is among the most valuable companies in the world, and according to the 2015 Forbes ranking, it has been ranked as the 64th best company in the world.

TCS is one of the largest IT companies in the world.


TCS full form
TCS full form


History of TCS

TCS began in 1968 with consultancy related work.
Initially, this company used to do consulting for Tata steel.

TCS started working in the software field since 1980



TCS work

as TCS is a software and Service provider company, it develops different software for his clients.

Today any big company of the world, be it from any field, needs much software to run their company and work properly.
TCS does the work of making software and running their company properly for big companies around the world.

Like TCS has made SBI’s complete banking software.
Due to which the bank employees are able to give service to the people easily, and even a common user is easily able to take advantage of banking from SBI’s banking application.

Apart from this, TCS conducts examinations for many institutions today.

Today TCS is running many of India’s passport offices.

TCS Highlights 

  • TCS is India’s largest company according to market capitalization.
  • It is the largest IT service provider company in the world.
  • The biggest job of this company is application development and maintenance.
  • TCS became a public limited company in 2004, whose market canalization is over 100 billion today.
  • TCS is the largest job provider private company in India, employing about 4.5 lakh people, with more than 36% of  women

TCS Top Clients 

TCS works for many large companies around the world, some of which are as Follows –

  • SBI
  • General Electric
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Vodafone
  • Land Rover
  • BSNL
  • CITI Bank

Job Opportunity at TCS 

TCS gives jobs to thousands of young people every year, it is a software and services company, so people studying in the field of computer and IT sector have more chances of jobs in this company.

The company runs a placement drive in many good institutes, where thousands of students come together at a time.

Apart from this, the company also issues notifications according to its requirements.

Usually, this company gives an initial salary close to 300000 per year but with experience, people start getting a very good package.



TCS full Form – Tax Collected at Source 

There are some items in India that have been excluded from GST.
When these items are bought and sold, the buyer has to pay some tax to the seller, which is called tax collection at source.

According to the Income Tax Act 206c of India, there are some goods which the seller has the right to collect the tax.

Most of these items trade does not impact a common man.


TCS full form in Income tax
TCS full form in Income tax


some items and the applicable tax on them is as follows-

ITEMApplicable Tax
Liquor for human Consumption1%
Minerals like iron ore and Coal1%
Parking Lot and Toll Plaza1%
Timber wood under a forest lease2.5%


some other famous full forms of TCS

TCS- Tata consultancy services

TCS- Tax collected at Source

TCS- Transaction control system

TCS- Television corporation of Singapore


similar full forms-

TDS Full Form

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