What is the full form of SFDC ?

SFDC Full Form: Salesforce dot com

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The full form of SFDC is Salesforce dot com which is generally called salesforce.com.

Salesforce dot com is named as salesforce inc which is an American cloud-based software company. SFDC was established by Marc Benioff and it has headquartered in San Francisco, California.

The major revenue of the company SFDC comes from customer relationship management or CRM service. Salesforce sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications that are focused on customer service, analytics, marketing automation and application development etc.

SFDC full form
SFDC full form

About SFDC

SFDC is considered the world’s number one customer relationship management or CRM platform. SFDC provide cloud-based customer relationship management for marketing, service, sales and more organizational tasks that are based on data.

SFDC has mainly changed how enterprise software is delivered and how today it is used frequently. The software of SFDC is cloud-based so they don’t need any information technology experts to set up anything for the client or customer.

SFDC has presented the ideal way to connect with the customers for organizations. SFDC defined the way to build meaningful and lasting bonds with the customer, address problems faster, deploy apps that are customer-focused and fulfil all the requirements for the company, identifying customer needs etc.

SFDC or salesforce technologies has been one of the leading and popular kinds of technology in the information technology industry. Because of SFDC Technology, many job opportunities are created for the SFDC developers as well as salesforce administration job applicants.

The applicants of SFDC are provided on subscription-based primarily through direct sales effort and indirectly through their partners.

SFDC technologies

These are the technologies used in the SFDC –


Apex in SFDC is a programming language that allows designers to execute stream as well as to trade control assertions on the sales force.com organization.

Apex is a tech lingo or tech language and it is composed as data connected, easy to use, careful, multitenant, encouraged, normally upgradeable, and easy to test and shape etc.

Visual force

Visualforce is one of the core technologies of salesforce, which is a structure that enables the creation of reusable interfaces, a dynamic that can be encouraged locally on sales force.com.

Visualforce can be used to make custom pages inside salesforce affiliation and planners can interface their own one of a typical method of reasoning with the controller class written in Apex.

Through visual force, creators can easily create pages to override standard gets, describe custom tabs, revoke tab audit pages, make dashboard portion, embed parts in detail page designs, re-try sideboards in the SFDC support system as well as incorporate menu things etc.

Salesforce lightning

SFDC lightning is a kind of collection of various tools and technologies behind a noteworthy upgrade to the SFDC platform. This lightning include –

Lightning component framework.

The lightning component framework is a JavaScript framework and it is a set of standard components that enable the user to build reusable components to customize the lightning experience, SFDC 1 mobile app and template-based communities and to build user’s own standalone apps.


Experience is the core part of lightning as it is a set of modern user interfaces that are mainly optimized for speed so the operation run fast and smoothly. It contains the lightning experience salesforce 1 mobile app and template-based communities.

Visual building tools

The drag and drop based technologies for fast and easier app making and customization SFDC uses visual building tools. The lightning app builder is used to customize the lightning experience and salesforce 1 mobile app. On the other hand community builder app is used to customize template-based communities.

Lightning design system

Modern enterprise and style guide’s user experience best practices are to build pixel perfect apps that match the look and feel of the lightning experience and salesforce 1 mobile app.

Some other famous full forms of SFDC

SFDC- Shop Floor Data Collection – in computing and software

SFDC- San Francisco Design Center- in Business

SFDC- Stanford Faculty Development Center- in Academics and universities

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