What is the full form of RTF ?

RTF Full Form: Rich Text Format

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The full form or meaning of the acronym RTF is the Rich text format. As the name indicates the rich text format is a type of format of digital proprietary document file in computers or any digital device.

The rich text format is a format that had published specifications developed in 1987.

It was developed by Microsoft Corporation known for its Microsoft office products.

Microsoft developed it until 2008 with the purpose of cross-platform document interchange along with other Microsoft products.

RTF full form
RTF full form

An updated design of the rich text format was published in 2008 by Microsoft had major revisions of Office and Microsoft versions in it.

About RTF

Rich text format is the digital document file format used in present. Word processors that are used to create and read word documents are able to read and write few versions of the rich text format or RTF.

The files created in the digital device or computer are portable from one computer to another and one processor to another however this portability of rich text format files depends on the version of the RTF that is being used to create the file or read the file. The rich text format design has various versions of it.

Like rich text format, IBM company developed RFT-DCA which is Revisable format text document content architecture. Similarly, there are other formats available such as enriched text, predecessor rich text etc. however rich text format is not like any of these as RTF is different to all of the formats.

What is RTF (in simple words)

The full form of RTF is Rich Text Format

As you know there are many types of file formats such as doc, pdf etc., so in the beginning, when the doc and other types of file formats did not come, then in 1987 Microsoft moved from txt format and launched new and advanced RTF.

It was the first file format at that time in which text and images could be used simultaneously along with other important elements such as italics, bold etc.

But as the trend of doc file format increased, the use of RTF format decreased among the common people and today very few people use this file format.

If you want to open an RTF file, you can open it in Microsoft’s Word Pad.
Word Pad is the default editor for RTF files.

RTF history

In the middle 1980s, the original version of the rich text format was developed. This first version of rich text format was developed by 3 members of the Microsoft word developed team named Richard Brodie, Charles Simonyi and David Luebbert.

This original version of the rich text format developed by Microsoft members was able to work as a reader and writer and it was first shipped in 1987.

This version was shipped as a part of Microsoft 3.0 for Macintosh. This was the rich text format version 1.0 design.

After the launch of the first version of rich text format, all coming versions of Microsoft word for both Windows and Macintosh were able to read and write this rich text format type.

These rich text format files were mainly used in Windows to create Windows Help files. However, at present these Windows help files are replaced by Microsoft Compiled HTML Help types of files.

It is because rich text format is no longer developed as in 2008 Microsoft dropped the further development of rich text format.

In this case, all the coming versions of Microsoft such as Microsoft word 2010 and further do not save fully to rich text format.

There are no later updates for this file type rich text format however Microsoft had declared that it will do editorial and non-substantive modifications to the rich text format design pattern.

This is during an associated ISO/IEC 29500 survey time. Thus the final version of the file format rich text format was in 2008 which was its 1.9.1 version and was available in Microsoft 2007.

RTF for Microsoft

The first version of RTF was 1.0 published in Microsoft word 3 in 1987.

This version 1.0 added features such as object linking and embedding objects as well as Macintosh edition manager subscriber objects. This supported the inclusion of the Windows Metafile, PICT, and windows device-independent and dependent bitmap.

The second version of RTF was 1.1 published in 1989 in Microsoft 4 which mainly allowed font embedding.

Version 1.5 of RTF was launched in Microsoft word 97 and Word 8. It was launched in 1997 that presented Unicode rich text format and it supported 16-bit Unicode characters of the encoding scheme. It also included PNG, JPEG, EMF etc. picture formats in default.

The last version of Rich text format 1.9.1 was launched in 2006 in Microsoft word 7 that allowed users XML mark-up, smart tags, math elements, password protection and custom XML tag etc.


What is RTF Example?

Microsoft Word Pad document is one of the best examples of RTF.

RTF full form in Medical

The RTF full form in Medical is Residential Treatment Facility.

Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) is a genetic factor in bacteria that controls resistance to certain antibiotic drugs. one important point to note here is The RTF factor may be passed from one bacterium to another.

RTF full form in Banking

The RTF full form in Banking is Return Transactions File.

Some other famous full forms of RTF

RTF-  Ready to Fly (in aviation Sector)

RTF- Resistance Transfer Factor (in Electronics)

RTF- Research Task Force (in Laboratory)

Similar full forms

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