What is the full form of ICT ?

ICT Full Form: Information and communications technology

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The full form of ICT is the Information and communications technology which is an umbrella or group-term that represents technological tools and related resources such as applications and communications devices that are used to handle network-based control and monitoring, audio-visual processing, intelligent building management systems,  telecommunications, broadcast media etc.

Information and communication technology is nothing but terms used for a group of tools for digital devices and products that retrieves, manages and stores digital data such as robots, mobile phones, computers etc.

ICT full form
ICT full form

The applications and communication methods under the information and communication technology change every day so it is not possible to define this term information and communication technology in a particular way.

ICT in education

 The use of information and communication technology has evolved and is rapidly growing over time. As information technology and communication has become an important aspect that is why the use of ICT product and services has increased rapidly especially in businesses and organizations.

These Information and communication tools are widely sued in schools to create, store, disseminate and communicate and manage information.

ICT has become vital for the teaching and learning interaction by such approaches as replacing traditional chalkboards with digital whiteboards as well as the flipped classroom model where students watch lectures at home also called “online learning” on their computer or digital devices and use classroom time for more other interactive exercises.

The information and communication technology will lead to higher-order thinking skills, provide a creative option for students to express their understanding.

These ICT products leave students well prepared to deal with ongoing technological changes in their surroundings.

This all can happen if the teachers will be able to digitally literate and trained to use these all information and communication technology tools especially in a nation like India.

To make the ICT use more effective the more focus should be on the total cost-benefit equation, maintaining the infrastructure such as hardware for ICT tools and software, teacher support etc.

ICT features

Information and communication technology has become an important part of everyday life and the coming generation. Information and communication technology is now included in basic needs and business organizations utilize it in many different ways. ICT is used in various ways such as to boos up business resources, bring customers, increase productivity in business etc.

The information and communication technology-based industry has a direct and indirect influence on the economic growth of nations. The information and communication include some smart and intelligent features and add more and more to the existing technologies.

Various industrial services are dependable on information communication and technology either directly or indirectly.  These modern communication networks are used to increase the advertisement as well as the growth of businesses.

Components of ICT

 Information communication and technology is a term describing all the technological tools and resources such as communication devices and applications. This information communication and technology word is widely accepted because it includes all technologies that enable associations and individuals to connect in the digital world with each other.

These are different components of information communication and technology –

  • Software
  • Cloud computing
  • Communication technology
  • Internet access
  • Hardware
  • Data
  • Transaction

ICT importance

ICT is now a basic need and important. These are the importance of the information communication and technology –

  • The ICT sector includes both direct and indirect effect on the economic growth of any country.
  • Today many product and services depend on the ICT sector knowingly or unknowingly.
  • Information communication technology has become a vital requirement for modern society.
  • Businesses use ICT in different ways to improve productivity, profit, to get clients, enhance the efficiency of the organization etc.
  • These information communication and technology systems are presenting other intelligent and smart functions also into current technologies.
  • ICT enables modern communication network to be used to improve enterprise advertising and development.


What is the meaning of ICT in the computer?

in computer also the ICT means the same and conveys the same meaning- Information and Communication Technology.

Some other famous full forms of ICT

ICT- Institute of Computer Technology- in computer learning and computer companies

ICT- Individual and Collective Training- in Military training

ICT- In-Circuit Test- in electronics studies

ICT- Internet Communication Team- in internet communication

Similar full form-

IT full form

ITC full form

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