What is the full form of Email ?

Email Full Form: Electronics Mail

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Email Meaning or Full form is Electronics Mail.

Email means correspondence between two people electronically.

In olden times, we used to write letters to send letters or messages to each other, this is done electronically in the era of internet and computers.

Email is a means by which messages or mail is sent between 2 people electronically, using electronic devices such as a computer or mobile.


EMAIL Full form
EMAIL Full form


It is the easiest, advanced and secure way to send mail.

Today almost every human in the world uses e-mail.

When we send emails or electronic mail to someone, we can also send many formats of documents, such as images, videos, PDFs, animations, etc. with a message in it.

Today more than 125 billion business Emails are sent every day all over the world.

At the same time, more than 112 billion consumer mail is sent every day.



History of Email

E-mail started in 1960 with lots of limitations.

The email was invented by American computer programmer Raymond Samuel Tomlinson.

When email started trending initially it was like instant messaging
In which both the sender and the receiver of the mail were required to be online.

Email started functioning properly from 1970 onwards and it started to be used in the true sense


What is an email address?

An email address is an address at which a mail is to be delivered
Initially many letters were used for this, but after much research, @ was identified as an email address.

For example, if an email id is Ajay @ gmail.com, then this part after email address @ is  gmail.com, means the sent mail will be delivered on the Gmail platform.


Open source email platform

There are many open platforms in the world for using e-mail which you can use for free, but some conditions are put on their side which you have to follow.

  • Gmail- Google Mail
  • RediffMail
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo mail
  • Rainloop mail

Among all these e-mail open platforms, Gmail i.e. Google Mail is the most famous and around 1.5 billion people use it in the world.

what is the difference between Email and Gmail?

Email is Electronic Mail, it means it the name of the service, using which we can send messages, documents and other types of files to anyone in the world.

We use this service with the help of a computer or mobile.

whereas, Gmail ie, Google mail is a free email service platform by Google.

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