What is the full form of DRM ?

DRM Full Form: Digital Rights management, Divisional Railway Manager

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The full form for DRM is Digital Rights management that is also called technological protection measures.

This digital rights management are a collection of systems and methods that are used to protect the copyrights or any electronic or digital media or content.

These digital media systems are responsible to give the full right of that media to its owner. Digital right management system tools control the trading, protection, tracking and monitoring of that particular digital media.

In the world of digital media, these digital right management tools help publishers and creators to limit the illegal propagation of their copyrighted work.

DRM full form
DRM full form

DRM overview

Digital right management is a set of access control technology that restricts the use of proprietary Hardware as well as copyrighted works.

These DRM technologies control the distribution of copyrighted works that are also called intellectual property. DRM also control the modification, use and distribution of systems within devices.

With the growth of digital media, every country has created laws to protect digital rights which criminalize the circumvention of DRM, creation of tools used for such circumvention etc.

these laws are also a part of the United States’ Digital millennium copyright act as well as the European union’s information societally directive etc.

Use of DRM

Digital right management tools let the content creators enforce their own access policies on their media or content like restriction on copying or viewing particular content.

The entertainment industry uses these DRM tools often as per their content protection. In the media, entertainment and communication industry digital right management is an important part.

DRM is used by audio or video publishers, online music stores and eBook publishers or vendors, cable and satellite service operators who use it to prevent unauthorized use of content or services.

Today the use of Digital right management has increased in hardware products like coffeemakers, light bulbs etc.

Many tractor companies prevent farmers to make their own DIY repairs under the usage of DRM laws like DMCA.

Importance of DRM

Digital right management is important in every industry as a part of intellectual property protection.

DRM techniques help copyright holder to manage their artistic control over their intellectual property.

Digital right management tools are important to prevent intellectual property from being copied by just anyone like the physical locks are important to prevent o someone’s personal property.

DRM tools and technologies ensure revenue streams without any hurdle of being copied.

Disadvantages of DRM

DRM technologies are useful however some people are against the DRM law. These are the argued disadvantages of digital right management tools –

  • People argue that DRM doesn’t give any evidence that it completely prevents copyright infringement
  • DRM only give service to inconvenience legitimate customers of it
  • DRM sometimes helps big organizations to suppress competition and innovation.
  • DRM schemes can be changed so it will make all the work inaccessible or if the DRM service will no longer serviceable.
  • DRM can stop the user from backing up or copying their CDs or DVDs or any legal rights, accessing a work from the public domain etc.

DRM techniques

 Some of the well-known digital right management techniques are –

  • Restrictive licensing agreements where the access to digital media, copyright and public domain is restricted to the consumers when they enter a website or while downloading software.
  • Encryption is also a way that includes scrambling of expressive material and embedding a tag.

DRM tracking

 Digital right management tools use a digital watermark and embed them within audio or video data while production or distribution.

These watermarks are used to track the media and content and are used for recording the copyright owner, the distribution chain or even identifying get purchaser o that music or video DVD and CDs.

These techniques are used as a part of a system for copyright enforcement such as to provide prosecution evidence for any legal purpose.

DRM full form in Railway

the full form of DRM in Indian Railway is Divisional Railway Manager.

DRM ie Divisional Railway Manager is a very big A grade post in Indian Railways.

To do better, the Indian Railways is divided into several divisions, and each division has a head called a Division Railway Manager.

DRM full form in Railway
DRM full form in Railway

Students who join Indian Railways on Group A posts, they can become DRM after getting promotions, there is no direct vacancy for DRM post.

After joining a railway Group A post, it takes 20 to 25 years to become a DRM, Divisional Railway Manager salary in 2020 is about 1.5 lakh rupees every month.


Some other famous full forms of DRM

DRM- Doesn’t Really Matter- mostly used during an internet chat

DRM- Direct Rendering Module- a type of computer software

DRM- Divisional Resource Manager- in governmental and in the Police department

Similar full forms

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