What is the full form of OTT ?

OTT Full Form: Over The Top

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OTT full form or meaning is Over the Top.

OTT is a streaming media service that directly reaches viewers through the Internet.

This means that the content of television and film is available to us directly through the Internet on our mobile, computer or TV.

Just like if we had to watch a cinema a few years ago, we could watch it in the cinema hall or on our TV.

but today we don’t have to go to the cinema hall to watch the cinema, we can watch it on our mobile.

OTT full form
OTT full form

The cinema or serial of our choice can be seen sitting at home, and it has become possible due to OTT ie over-the-top.

This means that a content provider is providing its content directly over the Internet to the audience, bypassing the traditional cable system, which is why this service is called over the top.

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, YouTube, etc. are some of the most popular OTT service providers.

So assuming that if I am watching a movie on Netflix on my laptop, it means that I am watching a movie using the Netflix OTT service.

How does OTT service work?

OTT does not function like the older cable, broadcast and satellite television platforms, It works through the internet.

The content that is available with an OTT service provider reaches the user according to which device the subscriber wants to see the content on the demand of that subscriber.

Over the top service providers use content delivery network i.e. CDN to send movie and TV shows to the people.

OTT service providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime build their servers in different countries of the world so that their video content can be easily viewed from any part of the world without any hassle,

and another advantage of this CDN technology is that if a problem occurs in one location, only people of that location will be affected by this problem, people of the rest of the world will be able to enjoy the normal service.

Some famous OTT providers around the world

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Now
  • Sling
  • Hulu
  • Disney Hotstar
  • Sony Liv
  • VOOT
  • Jio Cinema

apart from these, there are many other Emerging OTT platforms around the world.

Advantages of OTT

OTT today is replacing the old setup box TV and only TV very fast due to its countless advantages. Talking about some of the major advantages, these are some of the benefits of OTP-

  • The biggest advantage of OTT is that we get to see the content without advertising on it.
  • Content on OTT does not change according to time, meaning we can watch any movie or TV show as per our convenience.
    Like if we want to watch a movie and if it is coming on TV, then we have to watch that movie according to the TV timing.
    Whereas on the OTT platform, whenever we want, we can watch the movie as per our convenience.
  • Another great advantage of OTT platform is that we can watch OTT content on our mobile, laptop, computer or smart TV.
  • Today we can see almost all the live content coming on TV on the OTT platform, so the money to recharge the TV separately is saved.
  • On the OTT platform, you will find a lot of content like a lot of movies, TV shows, news, sports, music etc.

Disadvantages of OTT

  • We need the internet to see any content on OTT, even today the internet is not available everywhere with good speed, and also expensive.
  • If some specific content is available on the OTT platform you subscribe to, then you will have to spend money again to subscribe to a new OTT platform
Netflix is no. 1 ott platform
Netflix is no. 1 ott platform

Interesting facts about OTT

  • OTT is one of the fastest-growing business in the whole world
  • Today, people are using OTT for more than 40 per cent of the internet usage of America and many other countries.
  • Netflix is the world’s largest OTT service provider and is also the most famous in the world.
  • Disney Hotstar has the highest number of subscribers in India and Amazon Prime Video is at number two.
  • According to a research by Cisco, by 2022, 80% of the total internet traffic will be due to video.
  • The total cinema market of India is about Rs 15000 crores, whose OTT platform will be equal by 2023
    By 2000, the OTT platform had reached Rs 5000 crore.

some other famous full forms of OTT

OTT- one True thing- in media reporting

OTT- Object to Test- in software testing

OTT- one Time Text – in texting


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