What is the full form of OP ?

OP Full Form: Original Post, Overpowered

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OP is a famous Acronym, having many famous full forms, out of that Here we are going to discuss two full forms of OP. One OP full form is related to social media and another OP full form is related to gaming.

Full form of OP in social media

The meaning or full form of OP in social media is an Original post or the original poster. Here OP is indicating two different words that are original post and the original poster.

As the name suggests original post is the poster that indicates its own toward a person who is responsible to create it. On the other hand, OP as original post refers to the real post that can be on any social media.

About OP

Original post word describes that the post on social media which is getting replies was created by whom. So if a person creates a post and someone replies to it then the actual post will be an original post. This term original post is used frequently on social media such as Twitter, Reddit, Facebook etc.

For example person A posts a tweet which is “I have 500 dollars where should I invest it?

Then in this case the post made by Person A will be OP or an original post on which other users will be replying in comments.

Full form of OP in gaming

Another full form of OP is related to gaming. The meaning or full form of OP in gaming is Overpowered.

Due to online gaming, the word overpowered is used frequently. It is one of the most popular online acronyms, especially in the online gaming world. Most commonly the term overpowered is used in the PUBG game.

As the name suggests overpowered refers to extreme strength. So in online gaming, if a person, character, skill or weapon gets so strong then they will be called overpowered.

In other words, if the strength or power that the character or weapon hold provide an extra or unfair advantage to one user over another then it is called overpowered.

In this way, it is called that it is overpowered for the reason that it is better than anything or anyone else in that online game.

Example of OP

 An example of OP can be seen in the 2018 Fortnite online game which is one of the most popular online games.

In 2018 the player in the Fortnite game got a new edition of a weapon which was called Infinity Blade.

This weapon called Infinity blade in the Fortnite game was a sword. This sword called infinity blade was stronger and greater than any other existing weapon in the game that any player had.

So if a player gets access to this weapon called infinity blade then would get the ultimate power that the sword possessed.

This was meant in a win for the player as the sword was much more powerful than any other weapon.

Here almost all the players who were playing the game agreed that this weapon which was a sword was an OP.

So the weapon infinity blade was considered overpowered.

As a result that the developers of the online game company quickly removed the weapon or that sword called infinity blade from the frontline game.

About OP

OP in online gaming can be called Broken also. The reason is that if the skill, weapon or character is overpowered then it is able to break the game as well. Hence it can be broken.

In some other cases if a weapon is overpowered in the game then the players tend to weaken the strength of that overpowered skill or weapon.

So OP or overpowered describes a status or condition where a character or anyone comes to a peak point of stamina, power and strength that it is able to destroy anything.

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