What is the full form of LOL ?

LOL Full Form: laughing out Loud, Lots of love

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LOL is one of the most popular acronyms used in today’s words especially on the internet and communication. The full form of LOL is laughing out Loud which is a popular and commonly used internet slang. The term LOL or laughing out loud is used in chatting and texting to express the emotion of ultimate laughter in a textual way.

The slang laughing out loud is used when one finds something very funny or extremely laughable and amusing.

LOL was first used on Usenet however over time it has become common in other forms of computer or online communication as well as in-person communication. LOL is one of the many other internet slangs to express bodily reactions especially laughter in text.

LOL full form
LOL full form

There are other forms of LOL that are widely used such as LMAO which stands for Laughing my ass off and ROFL or ROTFL that is used for Rolling on the floor laughing.

However, over time the term laughing out loud has changed and LOL is also being used as Lots of Luck or Lots of love used in letter-writing or general communication.

LOL is like any other initialism or acronyms that are controversial so many authors don’t recommend their use in any way especially in business communication.

In contrast to text slangs such as LOL, there are many smileys that are used to express funny situations in internet communication. Laughing out loud or LOL was included in the Oxford dictionary in March 2011.

Use of LOL

The acronym LOL is used mainly in online communication such as internet and social media texting.

In online chatting, if someone finds something funny then they use this slang LOL to express their laughter emotion and to show that they are laughing very loudly. For the same purpose and in situations there are some smileys that are also used to indicate the state of laughter.

However now the term LOL or laughing out loud is also used in general conversation and not only in chat.

In other ways, LOL is used to express lots of love or lots of luck which is mostly used in general conversation or even in letters and in casual business conversations.

Hence the term LOL is widely used in today’s world while containing different meanings it.



What is the meaning of LOL in chat?

In chatting LOL means laughing out loud or lots of love and even Lots of luck. LOL is one of the most commonly used internet slangs in digital communications. LOL indicates Laughing out Loud but it is also used to express smiling and slight amusement emotion.

Can LOL mean lots of love?

Yes in some conversations LOL is also used as LOTS OF LOVE instead of laugh out loud.

Is LOL rude?

LOL is internet slang and is mostly used on social media so it looks good in casual conversations but not informal environment such as formal business communications one can’t use this term LOL. So in some cases, LOL doesn’t sound appropriate to use.

Is LOL a slang word?

Yes LOL is an internet slang word and is used for laugh out loud which means an expression of the strong emotion of laughter. The term LOL was first added in the Oxford English University

What replaced LOL?

LOL is also used extensively as LOTFL or LMAO. In spite of this, another popular slang used instead of LOL is “haha”.  However, emoji and HEHE are also used to express the meaning of LOL in the same expression as it is used to express something funny in online conversations.

Who first wrote Lol?

The use of LOL in online communication was first used in the early 80s in Calgary, Canada when a student Wayne Pearson made this term with his friends on Viewline which was a bulletin board system used as a rudimentary chatroom.

What can I say instead of LOL?

Other terms used instead of LOL are HAHA, HEHE, LMAO etc.

Some other famous full forms of LOL

LOL- Lots of Luck- in internet chatting

LOL- Life of Loan- in Business and Banking

Similar full forms

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