What is the full form of IMO ?

IMO Full Form: In my opinion, International maritime organization

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IMO is a famous acronym, having many famous full forms. Here we are going to discuss two full forms of IMO where one IMO full form Is related to internet slang and another IMO full form is related to organizations.

IMO full form in internet slang

The full form of IMO is In my opinion. In my opinion or IMO is highly used internet slang on social media and online conversations such as emails and chatting.

IMo full form in chat
IMO full form in chat


Apart from social media texting and chatting the term In my opinion or IMO is also used in less formal business corresponds. The term IMO or in my opinion shows that the given piece of information or just simply that point is not someone else’s point of view but it is the personal opinion of the person sending that text or the person speaking.

Example of IMO

Here is an example that defines the use of the term IMO or in my opinion –

Pankti: IMO, we should go there.

Rohan: IMO, we should do this job.


Do people say IMO?

IMO or in my opinion is like an initialism abbreviation.

Normally the term IMO means that it is pronounced by using its separated letters such as EYE, EMM, Oh etc.

However, as this is harder to pronounce than the term In my opinion the slang IMO is not uttered using the letters.

What does IMO mean in chat?

In chat IMO is used for In my opinion which means is that IMO can normally mean someone is giving their perspective or opinion.

IMO is an acronym and widely used slang but it isn’t highly used in professional conversations and writing.

IMO full form in the organization

The full form of IMO is the International maritime organization which is the specialized organization or agency of the United Nation.

The international maritime organization was formerly known as the inter-g maritime consultative organization or IMCO.

The international maritime organization works to improve maritime safety and to prevent marine as well as atmospheric pollution that is usually caused by ships.

IMO full form
IMO full form


IMO or international maritime organization is mainly responsible for the security, safety and environmental performance of international shipping.

The international maritime organization was established through a convention that was adopted in Geneva in 1948. This convention came into effect in 1958 and it is situated in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the international maritime organization has more than 172 countries associated.

IMO Requirement

Shipping is an international Industry that can work smoothly only when the regulations and standards, This is adopted, implemented and agreed on an international basis.

IMO works as the forum that deals with these all processes to ensure a safe, efficient, secure international shipping industry which is providing a regulated and controlled framework.

The framework IMO is effective, universally adopted and internationally implemented.

The international maritime organization policies are associated with international shipping which encourages shippers their security, safety and environment performance, efficiency and innovation etc.

IMO has also given a platform for its member states, shipping industry and civil society to work together so it can contribute towards a green economy as well as sustainable growth.

The international maritime organization works to cover all kinds of aspects such as ship design, construction, equipment, disposal which includes safe, energy-efficient international shipping etc.

the promotion of maritime development is one of the major priorities of the international maritime organization in future.


How many counties are members of IMO?

There are currently nearly 174 member’s states that are associated with the international maritime organization.

Is IMO concerned about maritime security?

IMO has adopted appropriate guidance which focuses on addressing maritime security and piracy as well as armed robbery against ships.

Some other famous full forms of IMO

IMO- International Mathematical Olympiad- in academics

IMO- in Memory of – Charity

IMO- Information Management Office- in Business

Similar full forms

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