What is the full form of HTTP ?

HTTP Full Form: HyperText Transfer Protocol

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The meaning or full form of HTTP is the HyperText Transfer Protocol.

Hypertext is a text that is specially coded using a standard coding language, called hypertext marked up language(HTML).

Meaning when we write a particular text using HTML language coding, then that text is called hypertext.

http full form
HTTP full form


in other words, HTML files are called as Hypertext.

HTML files contain data in the form of simple text.

HTML is a Language, whereas HTTP is its content.

so we can say that any text written using HTML is called hypertext.

Since 1990, HTTP is the foundation of the World Wide Web or the internet.



Example of HTTP

http example
HTTP example

in the above example, a simple document is written using HTML, the text in the above-said example, the format is hypertext.

what is the use of (HTTP) hypertext transfer protocol?

The hypertext protocol is used to transfer HTML files that are in hypertext format from one computer to another.

That is, how the two computers communicate with each other through HTML files, it defines the hypertext protocol.

so the hypertext protocol plays an important role in communication.

Whenever we communicate through our computer’s browser to a server, the communication process is done by the HTTP protocol.

Meaning that whenever we surf the internet, the information that reaches us reaches through the HTTP protocol itself.

All web browsers use the same protocol to communicate with the server.

the best example of communication of two computers using hypertext protocol is a web browser.

without HTTP we can not surf the internet.

some famous web browsers are- Chrome, Mozilla, Opera.

Another very important feature of HTTP is that by using it we can transfer all types of files, whether the file is text, image, or video.

The new and advanced level of HTTP has also come, called https.

Its full name is Secure HyperText Transfer Protocol.

HTTP Architecture

The HTTP protocol is a request/response protocol based on a client.

here web servers act as a server and web browsers act as an HTTP client.

HTTP architecture
HTTP architecture

properties of HTTP

HTTP has three properties due to which the entire Internet runs on it.


The first and important property of HTTP is that it is contactless.

Meaning when a client sends a request to the server, the client disconnects from the server after sending the request.

Now it is the turn of the server, to send its requested information to the client.

Media independent-

We can transfer any type of file such as text images or videos using the HTTP protocol.

to transfer any type of media using Hypertext protocol, the client and server must reveal the type of content.


HTTP is stateless because whenever there is a communication between the client and the server, they know each other till the time of communication.
After that, the client and the server do not have any information about each other


Advantages and disadvantages of hypertext protocol

some of the major advantages and disadvantages of HTTP is being mentioned below-


  • Data transmission can be fast because HTTP can work simultaneously on more than one connection.
  • can use any web browser.


user can get a privacy threat, as the data is not encrypted.


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