What is the full form of FYI ?

FYI Full Form: For Your Information

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The full form or meaning of FYI is For your information. FYI is one of the most famous acronyms and is highly used on the internet and social media.

FYI stands for For your information which is a popular term on social media.

For your information is a greatly used slang which is highly used in today’s time in chatting and texting.

Apart from casual conversations for your information or FYI is also used for professional and business communication.

For your information slang can be used while sharing data and information with colleagues, friends or any co-worker through email or even printed paper documents.

FYI full form
FYI full form

FYI or for your information defines a situation where one person wants to provide information to another person.

In this situation, if the information the first person wants to provide contains FYI or for your information term then it means the person isn’t expecting any immediate action from the person getting the information.

This information is only provided as additional information or data to complement the main information and message.

Example for FYI

We can understand the use of FYI or for your information with the below example –

First-person: Hello

Online seller: Hello Mam, how can we help you?

First-person: can I get the product catalogue printout?

Online seller: I apologize, mam, FYI we are currently out of paper.

Use of FYI

The above example shows the use of FYI or for your information.

FYI or for your information term is mostly used in informal and business spoke conversations such as instant messaging. Memo messages and emails.

In conversations, the use of for your information or FYI is considered informal so if it is not used in a proper way it can sound disrespectful, rude or arrogant.

Therefore it is normally suggested not to use this term FYI or for your information especially in serious business conversations.

FYI history

FYI or for your information term was first used in 1941. This time was a notable early usage where it happened in an episode of “ The twilight zone, “One for the angels’ in 1959.

FYI is also considered as the subset of the Request of comments series among internet standards.

The FYI series notes are used to give a central repository of information to internet users.

This can be about any topic that relates to the internet. These topics for FYI or for your information ranges from answers to commonly asked questions to historical memos.


What does FYI mean in texting?

In texting FYI means For your information which gives the direction to the additional reference of information for the main topic.

Is it rude to say FYI?

Yes the term or slang FYI which stands for For your information can be rude sometimes to use.

The use of FYI can become the method of passive-aggressive communication while forwarding an email from another person.

Most of the time in business communications the term For your Information or FYI can look rude as it is informal slang.

How do I use FYI?

FYI or for your information should only be used in the business memos or in emails.

FYI further explain that some of the recipients are not expected to take any given action. However, the information with FYI used is just give out of courtesy. In this case, the recipient can know what is going on.

When was FYI first used?

The term FYI or for your information was first used back in 1941. However, a noticeable use of this slang FYI seemed to be in an episode of The Twilight show in the year 1959.

Can I say FYI to my boss?

No one should not use the term FYI in conversation with a senior such as a boss because FYI is an informal term that should only be used in emails.

Some other famous full forms of FYI

FYI- For Your Investment- in Business

FYI- First Year Information- in Academics

FYI- Internet Slang

Similar full forms

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