What is the full form of ASAP ?

ASAP Full Form: As Soon As Possible

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The full form of ASAP is As soon As possible which is one of the well-known and most used internet slang or acronym.

The as soon as possible term is used to describe the urgency to fulfil or complete a particular task or activity in a short and given period.

When as soon as possible is used it tells the other person to give higher priority to that particular task to complete is as early as possible it can be.

ASAP Full Form
ASAP Full Form

Us of ASAP

ASAP is a popular acronym so it is used highly in social media, the internet, and even formal conversations such as email, etc.

  • If one wants to show that a particular task or something is required to be reviewed, analyzed, handled, and completed immediately in hand. So one can use this slang ASAP or as soon as possible in any online medium such as text messages, emails, chat, social media, etc.  Here are a few examples for the use of As soon as possible
  • I want this package delivers to my office ASAP.
  • I will try to complete this assignment ASAP.


What is the meaning of ASAP in chat?

ASAP is a highly used internet slang and acronym in chatting or just online media. ASAP is an internet slang which stands for as soon as possible in chatting that defines the urgency of a task to be done and indicates to the other person to put that task in high priority and complete it immediately. ASAP Is commonly used in chat.

Is ASAP a slang word?

Yes ASAP is a popular slang used commonly on the internet and social media. As slang, it is used where someone wants to show the need for immediate action for a particular action or task.

When was ASAP discovered?

The popular internet slang ASAP was discovered in 1955 when the US. The army used this slang As soon as possible.

Is ASAP rude?

ASAP is a popular internet slang and short form for as soon as possible. Sometimes a request made while using this term ASAP can sound rude. As the term as soon as possible was discovered by US Army in 1955 so that can be a reason that is associated with the mental image of a drill sergeant barking orders to their juniors. Because of this connection also the term ASAP or as soon as possible can sound rude sometimes.

 Should you use it ASAP?

ASAP term might not always be suitable to use. Some things need to be prioritized because it is important to finish the most important tasks however everything can’t be prioritized that is why ASAP or as soon as possible can’t be used every time and on everything. Because ASAP or as soon as the possible term defines that really everything is equally urgent so it makes it impossible to prioritize things. Hence before using the term as soon as possible it should always be the goal to express definite business values while making requests.

What does ASAP mean at work?

At work, the term ASAP means as soon as possible and it is used in office or business communication to order or request colleagues or any worker to complete a particular thing and task immediately. It can be an activity or to provide any information or sometimes providing a particular document in office.

When should ASAP not be used?

The term ASAP or as soon as possible usually refers to a request to another person to put a particular task or activity on priority and complete it immediately or at least as early as possible. It is mostly used when something is urgent and can’t wait however in some cases the use of ASAP should be restricted. Using this term ASAP In business communication with seniors or clients can be rude so it should not be used in such cases.

Some Other Famous Full Forms of ASAP

ASAP: Automated Standard Application for Payments (used by the Commerce Department)

ASAP: As Simple As Photoshop

Similar Full Forms

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