What is the full form of HR ?

HR Full Form: Human Resource

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HR full form or meaning is Human Resource.

HR Is a job title and a popular acronym. The definition of HR is Human Resource or Human Resources.

Simply as the name suggest Human Resource is the synonym of Human capital and the term is used to define the manpower or labour workforce in an organization or workplace.

In any organization, there is a term called “Hour” that defines the Human resource department which is responsible to deal with employees individually and for shaping the company policies.

HR full form
HR full form

in simple words, People working in any company or organization are very large capital of the company, and a department that manages all the people working in the company is called Human Resource Department

Work of HR

In a company or organization, HR is a separate department operated by the HR officers to deal with labour problems and maintain professional discipline.

HR is responsible for appointing, managing and growth of the manpower or human capital in the organization that improves its productivity.

The HR officers such as administrators, managers and generalists have different types of work responsibilities that depend on the size of their organization.

How to be a Human resource professional?

To get a job in the Human resource department one needs to have a bachelor’s degree. While the post-graduation degree is also better. The degree should be in Human resource or business studies such as MBA.

However, a degree in related subjects and learning areas are also considerable. Preferable subjects for a Human resource professional are sociology, psychology or labour law learning, labour employer relationship etc.


 What are the 5 key areas of HR?

A Human resource officer is responsible for these sectors –

  1. Managing a safe and dedicated employee environment
  2. Incentives and compensations
  3. Learning, training and growth of manpower
  4. Recruiting the right employee for the right work
  5. Marinating healthy employer-employee relation

What is HR in a bank?

HR is also called personal officers in banks. These personal officers have various job roles and responsibilities in banks.

These bank officers maintain the training and development of employees. They recruit officers, analyse their performances and manage their database of records.

What are the main functions of HR?

There are 7 main functions of Human Resource Sector in a company

  1. Hiring employees and Recruitment
  2. Creating a safe working surroundings
  3. Marinating the company culture
  4. Training, learning, development and growth of manpower
  5. Handling disciplines and actions
  6. Employer-employee relations
  7. Managing employees incentives and benefits

Why HR department is important?

Human resource department in a company is necessary and one of the most important. It maintains the company culture and also the labour capital which is the most important asset for a company.

It creates a well-known workplace communication between the employees and head officers. Here the HR officers play a key role in the workplace. They develop, reinforce and change the culture of the company.

These HR officers are responsible to pay, manage performance and development, recruiting of the best employees and strengthening the core standards of the organization.

How many types of HR are there?

Mainly there are three kinds of HR officers –

  1. The party planner HR professionals
  2. The business people HR professionals
  3. The lawyer HR professionals

What are the different types of HR jobs?

Below are the most common Human Resource job roles –

  • Human resource specialist
  • Human resource assistant
  • Human resource recruiter
  • Human resource coordinator
  • Human resource manager
  • Recruiter and Recruitment manager
  • Human resource generalist
  • Employment specialist

Interesting facts about HR

  • After many years of research, it is founded that the median salary of human resource professionals is $100k per year in the US.
  • In an HR department, 93% of Human Resource professionals claim that their growth in the company is their priority.
  • HR departments have 35% more engaged workforce that is ethnically-diverse
  • One of the main jobs of Human Resource specialities in a company is to evaluate the employee data and it is founded that 70% of organizations analyse their employee data often.

One other famous full form of HR is-

HR- Human Rights

Human rights are the basic right which every human being gets on earth, such as the right to speak, right to food, right to vote etc.
But human rights are also different in different countries.

Most of the countries of the world who follow the human rights rules of the United Nations, give basic human rights to every citizen of their country.

HR ka full form
HR ka full form

According to the Human Rights data of 2020, New Zealand citizens get the highest human rights, India’s ranking is 117 among 160 countries.

Other famous full forms of HR

HR- High Resolution (in LED and another type of display)

HR- Heart Rate (In medical)

HR- Hospital Record (in Hospitals)


Similar full forms-

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