What is the full form of LASER ?

LASER Full Form: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

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The full form of LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation which is a kind of electromagnetic machine that can easily emit light which is electromagnetic radiation.

These electromagnetic radiation or lights are both coherent and much weaker. These electromagnetic lights are produced through a method that is optical amplification.

The LASER process was first described by Albert Einstein. The laser system was fully developed by Theodore H. Maimane in 1960. Charles Hard and Arthur Leonard Schawlow were the first to give concept for LASER which builds the basics for the LASER system.

LASER full form
LASER full form

LASER principals

The light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation is done by optical amplification method and it has some working principles.

The cavity that is built to reflect waves of visible, infrared or ultraviolet to reinforce one another is included in a simple laser. It is also known as a chamber in a simple laser.

This cavity can contain solids, gases or liquids. Later this material selection actually determines the output wavelength. At the end of this cavity, mirrors are located. One of these mirrors is whole reflective so that no light wave can pass through them.

Another mirror on the cavity is reflective in part and it allows 5 per cent of the light to pass through the mirror. An external source uses a pumping method to pump energy into the cavity.

Waves pass through and in between these mirrors and reflected back and forth. The length of the cavity is kept as much so the waves that are reflected can reinforce each other.

A mirror is located at the end of the cavity so the electromagnetic wave emerges in harmony with one another with a partially reflective mirror at the end of the cavity.

The output of LASER is a coherent, electric field. In a coherent beam of these electromagnetic energies, both waves have a similar phase and frequency they pass on.

Pros of LASER

 LASER system has been an important innovation here are its some most known benefits –

  • LASER system is used for information transmission in the communication field due to its large capacity for supporting information.
  • There are almost no chances of leakage of the signals in the Laser radiations.
  • LASERS are used for the diagnosis of cancers in the medical sector because LASERS are less harmful compared to X-rays.
  • LASERS are used to burn small tumours in cancer on the surface of the eye as well as the surface of the tissue.
  • LASER principle of no interference of electromagnetic is utilized in wireless communications systems through free space for both computer networking and telecommunication because the laser radiation is free of this interference.
  • Laser-based fibre optic wires are used because they are lightweight in fibre optic systems.

Cons of LASER

 LASER system is full of advantages however it has some disadvantages also such –

  • Lasers elevate the convolution as well as the treatment time based on laser equipment
  • A laser is expensive so patients have to have much expenditure who need this laser-based treatment
  • LASER system is expensive and difficult to maintain so they result in high costs to doctors and hospital administrators.

Interesting Facts about Laser

  • The green laser is the most powerful and is the farthest seen.
  • A very powerful laser can prove dangerous to humans, and the laser is very dangerous especially for human eyes.
  • You can guess the reach of a powerful laser from the fact that it can easily reach the moon’s surface.
  • Today many countries are engaged in making laser weapons, among which China has topped the name.

Laser FAQs

 What are the different types of LASER?

 Laser types depend on their wavelengths and applications. Here are different types of LASER –

  • Liquid or Dye LASER
  • Gas Laser
  • Chemical LASER
  • Excimer LASER
  • Semiconductor LASER

What is the different property of LASER?

 A laser can be used in various fields by using laser properties like optical communication and protection.  The properties of LASER are also called laser beam characteristics and they can be divided into four main groups. These are LASER properties –

  • Superior Monochromatic
  • Superior Coherence
  • Superior Directivity
  • High Output

What are the applications of LASER?

 There are many applications methods for LASER such as –

  • The laser is used in medical devices like cosmetic treatment equipment, dental treatment devices etc.
  • The laser is used in CD, Barcode scanners and DVDs.
  • Different types of devices such as surface treatment, cutting, welding, soldering equipment and drilling etc. use LASERS.
  • Printing devices also use the LASER method.
  • LASER system is used in the equipment of military such as anti-missile devices as an integral component of Nuclear Fusion Reactors.

Other Famous full forms of Laser-

LASER- Leadership and Assistance for Science Education Reform in Educational

LASER- Lincoln Advanced Science and Engineering Reinforcement- in Academics

LASER- Loans And Savings Earn Rewards- in Business Accounting


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